Senate Prepares for the Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings

humorous-060_smallWith the virtual absence of any objective review of Sonia Sotomayor’s opinions or positions by members of Congress, the Senate Judiciary Committee appears to be gearing up for another confirmation process with little substantive content. As noted previously with regard to the Roberts and Alito hearings, confirmation hearings have become little more than extended photo ops for Senators.

On this occasion, it will be the Democrats trying to avoid any difficult questions for the nominee and the Republicans demanding answers. The latter demands will be a bit awkward given the lack of probing questions or substantive answers in the last two hearings for Republican nominees. The “Ginsburg rule” remains the controlling precedent where nominees are allowed to refuse to answer questions in areas where they may render decisions — leaving the discussion at a meaningless level of generality punctuated with discussions of baseball and movies.

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  1. Actually it is not that boring. I have copper river salmon to grill. It finally came in at the Whole Foods.

  2. Hot boring day in Dallas, well yeah, it is hot. But never boring. It is always a pleasure to see you. Smom.

  3. lone eagle,

    If there can be such as thing as they generally mate for life the vultures that they are. I for one kinda of like the Jefferson turkey ideal and they came to mind Adam Sandlers Turkey song. But that’s a different ideal altogether.

    You can’t have it both ways, abstinence or no form of birth control and then expect to make the birth control of last resort illegal. But then again the moral majority wants none of that thinking as it disagrees with their moral philosophy.

  4. Lone eagle – That was a pathetic cheap shot.Oh well, it is boring hot late afternoon in Dallas.

  5. Anonymously yours is just another one of life’s losers incapable of making a sound decision or judgement based on solid moral grounds. He would rather stumble through life bitching about all the people that can.

    In fact, he will now bitch about my posting “solid moral grounds” even though he knows perfectly well what I am speaking of.

  6. lone eagle,

    You are correct, I must be insanely stupid for answering this.

    So if I understand you are for Birth Control, hummmm, let me think about that one, remember I am insane or stupid, so by definition I need more time. I got it, Bush or was it the far right or the moral majority or who was it that wanted to limit access to females right to birth control?????? Clinton, hell no, he benefited from it.

    So, if you are for Birth Control, then by definition, these females going to the center would not have to have access to these centers.

    So you get to play God, you get to decide when life begins and when it ends for most of you.

  7. Anonyously,

    Are you insane? Equating abortion with birth control? What the heck does one have to do with the other? One is murdering a baby and the other is using a method that prevents the fertilization of a human egg.

    You ARE quite insane or just stupid.

  8. The Page ^ | 05/31/09 | Mark Halperin

    President Obama is playing golf again at Fort Belvoir. The print pooler and a member of the wire pool were left behind today.

    We were waiting in the briefing room for the pool call — and have since learned that when the lights are on, the overhead address system bypasses the briefing room.

    There was a lot of public tour traffic through the briefing room this morning and (you guessed it) the lights were on. The call went out, and the motorcade rolled.


  9. jelly 1, May 31, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    Worth saying again:

    We hope Dr. Tiller was marched past every late term baby he aborted, for a few thousand bucks each for more sports cars, on his way to Hell.

    Ok, so are we to hear that you are in support of birth control?

  10. Worth saying again:

    We hope Dr. Tiller was marched past every late term baby he aborted, for a few thousand bucks each for more sports cars, on his way to Hell.

  11. jelly,

    Then I guess he won’t be lonely and he will have our company to look forward to, if only you don’t beet us to it.

  12. and we hope Dr. Tiller was marched past every late term baby he aborted (for a few thousand bucks each for more sports cars) on his way to Hell.

  13. spindell:

    I think right now Dr. Tiller is having a very tough time in HELL and will be for every minute of eternity.

  14. “Looks like Tiller won’t be practicing any more later term abortions.”

    Dr. Tiller is probably now in heaven. This is a place you will never see because of the viciousness of your remarks. You
    are not a Christian, though you pretend to be, you are a fool and a vicious person.

  15. “rcampbell, you sound like you would be happier in a Communist country. I will gladly help pay for your ticket to Cuba and so would 80% of America.”

    Your comments show that you have no understanding of the United States of America or its’ Constitution. That being the case I think you should leave because you are anti-American.

  16. “Mike, you are an ignoramious and every post you have written that I have read proves it.”

    Coming from someone of your intellectual stature I couldn’t think of a greater compliment. Than you so very much for your kind words.

  17. “Liberals have ruined Medicare, ruined Social Security, ruined Health Care, and are well on their way to ruining the auto industry.”

    GM Sucks,
    The voting is in on the award for stupidest comment made by a troll in defense of the Republican’s who’ve picked his pocket for the un-ended year of 2009. Your comment above show the greatest ignorance possible and I believe that no one can beat it. In fact it may well be the stupidest comment of the decade.

    What makes it so sweetly ironic (I’m sorry folks I know that irony is lost on this clown)is I’ll bet you, or a member of your family are on Medicare and Social Security. Liberals created both medicare and social security despite heavy opposition from conservatives.

    Then Ronnie Reagan, you know that mediocre actor who was dumb as a post but could read a script, raised social security/medicare taxes, but put the money into other things, so that social security and medicare were underfunded. The people who you in your ignorance have voted for, are the ones who are trying to destroy both programs and who want to keep health care in the hands of the greedy companies who aren’t providing it.

    I really get no pleasure for making fun of someone who is as ignorant as you are, but you really ought to learn more about the things you write about. Rush, Sean & Glenn by the way won’t teach you anything since they are just as ignorant as you are.

  18. PRAVDA: ‘American descent into Marxism happening with breathtaking speed’…

  19. GM SUCKS

    I am sick of bailouts for the Unions and will never buy another GM product.
    Oh yea, please provide me with the Local number of the WS CEO’s and money men’s union ’cause I want to join that union. 🙂

    lone eagle / Date Night
    Thank goodness this Prez is staying loose and getting some recreation. I like my president’s loose and happy, it keeps them from getting all backed up and tense and doing stupid things to sublimate. Things like, oh, invade countries and torture people and act out with guns for lack of anything better.

    Silly Trolls.

    1, May 31, 2009 at 1:11 pm
    Looks like Tiller won’t be practicing any more later term abortions.

    Like the increasingly hysterical and incendiary rhetoric on the right didn’t contribute to this murder.

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