Senate Prepares for the Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings

humorous-060_smallWith the virtual absence of any objective review of Sonia Sotomayor’s opinions or positions by members of Congress, the Senate Judiciary Committee appears to be gearing up for another confirmation process with little substantive content. As noted previously with regard to the Roberts and Alito hearings, confirmation hearings have become little more than extended photo ops for Senators.

On this occasion, it will be the Democrats trying to avoid any difficult questions for the nominee and the Republicans demanding answers. The latter demands will be a bit awkward given the lack of probing questions or substantive answers in the last two hearings for Republican nominees. The “Ginsburg rule” remains the controlling precedent where nominees are allowed to refuse to answer questions in areas where they may render decisions — leaving the discussion at a meaningless level of generality punctuated with discussions of baseball and movies.

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  5. lone eagle,

    I can thank the American public for taking out my candidate John Edwards. But you just might as well write Bush and thank him for creating a situation that elected a person that is not of your choosing or mine. And in that same breath you can thank McCain for picking Palin, whom I would have voted for after John Edwards, but when he was forced to take on Alaska’s Trash, was was when I decided for Voting for Nader. But I voted my conscience, can you say the same?

    So, if you are jealous that Obama is entitled to be treated with every dignity that Bush was afforded, I don’t know what to say. If you are unhappy that he was elected instead of the candidate of your choice, I am too. I had to suffer with the Bush years and now this. But being American does have it privileges and that is your right to speak out against the current president and pretty much anything else too. For that you should be thankful. I know that I am.

    With all of the above said, Respect the Office if NOT the person holding the Office and with that does come its privileges such as the Jet Setting that you now complain about.

  6. Obama’s take Air Force One on Joy Ride for a Date:

    President Obama and First Lady Michelle had another of their famous “date nights” Saturday. Instead of clogging traffic in Washington, D.C. to visit a restaurant, they hopped on the Marine One helicopter to Andrews Air Force Base, jumped on Air Force One and flew up to New York City followed by TWO OTHER PLANES for staff and press.

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  8. Roll Call is reporting that the administration quietly announced that restrictions on lobbying ballyhooed about during the late campaign have been lifted.

    Will the media notice? Will liberals care?

    No & No.

  9. rcampbell, you sound like you would be happier in a Communist country. I will gladly help pay for your ticket to Cuba and so would 80% of America.

  10. rcambell says: “If she’s anti-Choice, she’s too conservative for me and for most Americans. If she’s anti-gun, she’s a friend of mine.”

    I guess rcambell hasn’t read polls on either of these subject. Pick your pollster, rcampbell, whomever it is they say you are WRONG on both counts.

  11. GM

    “Liberals have ruined Medicare, ruined Social Security….”

    Liberals CREATED those programs and conservatives have fought them since their inceptions. There would be no Social Security or Medicare if not for liberals. Do you think the costs of providing those services is stagnant while the cost of everything else increases? Conservatives have no problem with paying the increased dues at their country clubs, but rail at the notion they have to pay an additional tax to keep solvent these programs that have worked unfailingly well for millions of people at an extremely low cost/revenue basis. That’s hypocricy at its height.

    “I am sick of bailouts for the Unions and will never buy another GM product”.

    Such one dimensional thinking…. I guess you would prefer to see tens of millions of working people (union and non-union auto workers, employees of car dealerships, companies that provide products and services to auto makers all over the country, local businesses that survive on auto workers’ spending at grocery stores, dry cleaners, etc.) receiving far many more billions in unemployment benefits, welfare, home foreclosures….

  12. rcampbell, you are being a incorrect about what you said Sessions said. I presume since you are a liberal you are doing it on purpose.

    Sessions did not call on Republicans to stop calling Sotomayor a racist since they ARE NOT. They are saying she said a racist statement and he said it will be up to her to explain what could be a racist statement and Republicans should hear her out before passing judgement.

  13. Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the highest-ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee that will oversee Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing, called on Republicans to stop calling Sotomayor racist during an appearance this morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

    South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham did express concern about Sotomayor’s comments regarding the ability of a female Latina to reach a better conclusion than a white man, and called on her to apologize for the remarks, but nonetheless disagreed with Gingrich and Limbaugh:

    No, they interject themselves into the debate. They’ve got an audience to entertain. Newt’s a political commentator; I’m a United States senator… I don’t think she’s a racist.

  14. Looks like Tiller won’t be practicing any more later term abortions.

  15. Obama’s GM screw up:

    Yesterday we passed on a new 2009 Malibu with an MSRP of $26,420 that we could have bought for $19,000 cash.

    The dealer was blunt about Obama’s Government Motors not carrying how much they lost on the sale; Obama’s “car czar” orders are just keep some cash from sales coming in.

    I am sick of bailouts for the Unions and will never buy another GM product.

    Liberals have ruined Medicare, ruined Social Security, ruined Health Care, and are well on their way to ruining the auto industry.

  16. Mary

    If the Obama administration is acting in a manner with which you agree, I’m puzzled as to how you view this as a bad thing and decide to come here and spew venom. If the President is taking a middle ground position between what I, as a fully paid up member of the radical left, would prefer and what the Nazi, Dick Cheney would prefer, one would think your reaction would be supportive instead of exposing your tortured logic.


    See above.

    If she’s anti-Choice, she’s too conservative for me and for most Americans. If she’s anti-gun, she’s a friend of mine. I dare say her politics have been difficult to decipher and that will likely make her an excellent Justice just as she’s been an excellent jurist for the 18 years since her appointment by that screaming lefty, GHWBush. Your charge of racism is utter nonsense and deserved no additional comment beyond that.

  17. mespo,

    Hilarious. I have to say it’s a refreshing contrast to read the comments on this blog: on ever other blog I read, ‘Don’t Feed the Trolls’ is the mantra. Here, they are ruthlessly mocked.

  18. mary:

    “Mike, you are an ignoramious and every post you have written that I have read proves it.”


    Stop the presses!! We now have concrete proof that mary can, in fact, read. Not very well mind you, but another myth put to the sword. Read on fair mary, perhaps the wonder of arithmetic awaits you once you get over that reading comprehension and spelling challenge. ignoramious?

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