Chavez Continues Crackdown on Journalists and Free Speech

200px-Hugo_Chavez_in_Brazil-1861Venezuela President Hugo Chavez has renew his threats against one of the few remaining networks that voice opposition to his government. Chavez told executives at Globovision “to reflect” upon its criticism of him and change its tone or it “won’t be on the airwaves much longer.”

The Chavez government has previously imposed sanctions against Globovision and slapped the network with a $2.3 million fine.

I have been criticized in the past for my objections to the Chavez regime. For my liberal friends who consistently defend this man, one should consider such assaults on the free press and free speech. His worshipful attitude toward Castro (who imprisoned journalists and engaged in widespread torture) reflects his own twisted sense of human rights and civil liberties. Today he wished Iranian extremist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad good luck in his reelection.

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27 thoughts on “Chavez Continues Crackdown on Journalists and Free Speech”

  1. Sarai,

    You’re either mistaken or a liar. MSNBC does not love Victor Chavez. COountdown has called him out many times. Keith eviscerated him when he called Bush the devil. Maybe you should do a little research before opening your mouth and revealing your ignorance and duplicity.

  2. Mike S.,

    I got a good laugh from your description of 60’s socialists. I think it was in the Nation several years ago where Alexander Cockburn? described the old Scottish communist party. Due to doctrinal purity issues they were down to five members when a split errupted leaving one group of 3, another of 2! They are definitely not down with the big tent program!!

    As to the local socialists here, IMO, they were agent provacatuers. I think this because they all talked about how poor and on the ropes they were, but I later ran into them when they weren’t expecting to see me and they were driving some rather expensive cars. So unless they hit the lotto a few weeks after I first met them, their story just didn’t track. Of course, maybe they had just rented those cars for the day! 🙂

  3. Sarai, I knew it was inevitable that the president would be blamed for the election results in Iran. I assume you are patiently sitting by your television, waiting for reports of a plane crash, a tornado or perhaps an unfortunate electoral outcome in another part of the world to be laid at his feet. Give it a rest. If there was election fraud in Iran, and perhaps there was, that is the Iranians’ business and they will have to sort it out without your help or interference.

  4. “Two years ago I went to a socialist meeting where they actually wanted people to read Mao”

    The Maoists I knew in the 60’s styled themselves as the Progressive Labor Party. Every 6 weeks or so the would have purges of people not following the party line. They were so earnest, but such jerks. A couple even invited me over to dinner and tried to recruit me. No booze, no grass, just hardline attempts to indoctrinate me. I was to say the least quite turned off. They were also the types at marches and rallies that would try to get violence going. Funniest thing is though that their leader in my Union totally sold out and became middle class.

  5. Hey Joe G,
    Welcome back.

    If I’m not mistaken, it was you posting here several months ago applauding Joe K’s Citizen Energy and Cindy Sheehan’s stunt ‘romance’ with the People’s dictator in public, ‘in-your-face’ opposition to GWB.

    Wha’ happen’…?

    p.s. The reason I remember is because I was the one criticizing Chavez and Sheehan back then.

  6. Joe G.,

    That was a very funny and observant post. I think they should offer free admission to the documentary higaiography for anyone willing to undergo a lobotomy!

  7. Indentured Servent, the left in America has never cared how many human beings are slaughtered in the world as long as their agenda for a socialist empire in America is advanced.

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