Fish Story? Texas Lawyer Asserts the Catfish Defense in DWI Case

180px-ChannelcatAttorney Bryan Simmons says that he was brought low by the double scourge of hard work and catfish. Simmons drove off the road and got stuck in a ditch with a flat tire– the result of fatigue from a trial and a reaction to the black pepper sprinkled on his catfish. District Judge John Miller ordered him to pay the costs of a trial that ended in the middle of jury selection due to his failure to appear.

Simmons insisted that he was not drunk and in fact asked the police officer to administer a Breathalyzer test bur was refused. The blood test he later took will take a few weeks to get back. I am not sure why the judge acted before the test results were completed since Simmons should be entitled to a presumption of innocence. If he was sober, it is hard to see why he is penalized for an auto accident.

He was arrested for DWI.

The trial has been rescheduled.

I have said for years that friends do not let friends eat catfish and drive.

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24 thoughts on “Fish Story? Texas Lawyer Asserts the Catfish Defense in DWI Case”

  1. There are very few people allergic to capsicum or cayenne pepper, by the way. Piper Nigrum or black pepper is actually good for you if it’s fresh. Cayenne pepper or capsicum annum (one of its Latin classification) has had one person I have known anecdotally allergic to it, tennis legend Ivan Lendly. Even that I find unbelievable.

    I had catfish once, once. I say the catfish was the culprit here, not the black pepper.


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