Overspray or Assault? Florida Man Charged with Battery After Drenching Wife with Garden Hose for Smoking

250px-Zwei_zigaretten180px-Garden_hose_pistol.JPGJohn Jeffrey Murray, 51, is either a fanatical anti-smoker or a reckless hoser. A court will have to decide. Murray was charged with drenching his wife with a garden house for smoking in the house and then wrestling away a phone when she tried to call the police.

Murray insisted in a statement to police that this was merely as matter of “overspray” and that he did not intend to drench his wife. He also elbowed his wife in a struggle to hang up the phone. He was charged with domestic battery.

For the flip side of a case of smokers attacking critical anti-smokers, click here.

For the full story, click here.

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    No, it’s about Jill. You also should not attempt speaking for me.
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    In fact, that you can’t even articulate a complete thought much less construct a complete grammatical sentence makes me question if you ever graduated high school much less college or law school.

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  13. Now now, FFLEO.

    Don’t be so quick. Vince provided the text, but it was Bob that latched on to the key word while I was flapping with Jill about judicial inefficiency. If intent is part of the local wording for describing battery, which it can be and in this case is, then mens rea is quite relevant. If it’s a required element of the crime, there it is.

    Your bias that this is a woman in question is showing. Hey, you know I think you’re a stand up guy. I’m pretty sure I know where that chivalrous streak comes from and I appreciate and encourage it, but in this instance it’s not furthering justice, just “protecting the girl” on little more than her say so. You’ve lept from “she was sprayed” a proven stipulated by both parties albeit from differing perspectives, to the “elbow to the mouth” is somehow automatically battery. This is pre-judging despite stipulation on the husbands part in his statements at the time as to his lack of intent – an intent required under FLA law. There are many ways to frame this. Under the FLA law Vince provided, intent is a requisite element of both assault and battery. All kinds of doubt can be raised in court especially in light of the very insubstantial and inconsequential injury and the temporally stated lack of mens rea on the husband’s part. We won’t even mention what could be done with evidence of patterned abusive behavior of any sort on her part. Yeah, dragging that out in court as a defense tactic will probably not be conducive to reconciliation and some lawyer out there is just lazy and sleazy enough to do it instead of focusing on the intent ball and letting the law work to sort out any missing elements of crimes charged. Without a more substantial crime or better evidence, this is still wasteful and inefficient in addition to being not only not helpful, but exacerbating to the underlying situation. The courts may be the right tool for this job someday, but this wasn’t it.

    This current situation helps no one and only ends badly, but it’s nice to see so many people ready to throw the hubby under the bus based on her word alone over an injury of dubious harm. If she had taken a beating and he claimed no intent, it’d be one thing, but honestly, I think both you and Jill are just looking to blame the man automatically. It’s reflex. It’s just bad reflex when it comes to this being a crime worthy of the courts time. DA’s can make deals to forebear prosecution if the potential defendant agrees to take remedial action without court intervention. It happens all the time. This is an instance where making both parties attend counseling or charges be filed is much more conducive to a positive resolution than a trial over dubious charges over an injury that is at best minimal in the array of all possible injury. Even if the trial ends in acquittal or dismissal with prejudice, it creates unhealthy strain on what is already apparently a relationship under some stress. There is no upside to criminal prosecution at this point. The threat of it? Sure. It may keep him from turning Mr. Water Hose in to Mr. Fist, but I go with the analogy of criminal law as the hound of the state. The value of owning a hound, showing you own a hound and releasing said hound are intrinsically different and each comes with unique costs. I’m telling you all of this not just as someone who has seen these kinds of process from the inside as an attorney, but as someone who was personally in an abusive relationship that DID end with criminal court intervention that I instigated, my ex on probation for spousal abuse and an annulment.

    No interpersonal relationship is as complicated as marriage – be it of any sexual composition. The courts need to stay out of them as a putative actor unless there is clearly no other option for intervention. When they don’t, they never improve a situation – all of their remedy are at least partially destructive to the institution of marriage. As a species we have more than one tool at our disposal and indeed many tools, like law, that can serve multiple functions. Personally, I think using a tool intelligently and creatively is just as important as using it at all. It’s the difference between using a hammer to build a house or using it to build a bunch of randomly aligned and attached 2×4’s. It is well proven in these threads that few tools are intrinsically evil, but many are misapplied. Even when I was talking efficiency, the core of my contention was misapplication of the tool in question.

  14. Patty C

    I’d also like to say state that I find it continually amusing to see that most of those who criticize me, hold off in expressing their opinions until I have expressed mine and some
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    p.s. And thanks, JT, for backing me up on Sonia Sotamayor the other night on KO…!!!!!!!!

    Is there something illogical in the above.

    1) You find it amusing;
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