Court Takes Man’s Head: Wisconsin Driver Ordered to Return Roadkill Trophy

180px-White-tail_deerJohn Longo, 69, has been ordered by a Wisconsin court of appeals to surrender roadkill that he found on the side of the road in February 2008. It appears that even a dead deer on the side of the road requires a permit, which Longo did not have.

The 2nd District Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision. Racine County Circuit Judge Allan B. Torhorst found him guilty in a bench trial, but only fined him $1 and ordered the DNR to give him a permit if the agency didn’t retrieve the head by Halloween 2008. The DNR appealed and the appellate court ordered Longo to turn over the trophy head immediately. To quote Loudon Wainwright, it was a ruling that “stunk to high heavens.” I still fail to understand the public interest in spending the money to litigate this case.

This is all news to me, but the black-booted DNR thugs will have to pry my cold dead fingers off my collection of dead flattened possums. By the way, exactly how much of a trophy is a deer head that you cut off roadkill?

Longo, to ease your loss I give you Loudon Wainwright Dead Skunk in the Middle of Road:

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  2. Bob,

    Thanks! It’s the middle of the afternoon and now I want a burger. Oh, I was okay for the first couple of paragraphs, but by the end? Let’s just say now I’ve got a box cutter, a Bic and I’m thinking hard about those cows quite literally down the street. I’ll pull a Denis Leary and eat what I want, then ride the rest home.

  3. Mike,

    Well then here’s another reason to try antelope (by which I mean the pronghorns we have in the U.S., although I do wonder whenever I go to the zoo…) there’s next to no fat.

  4. Mike,


    Yeah, I’m not a food writer for a reason I suppose, but different doesn’t mean bad. If you’ve had venison, think venison (which also makes a fantastic chili or stew). A red meat, just a little wilder tasting than beef. And honestly? The flavor is so mild, I question how much of the buffalo flavor will come over the beef in that recipe. Since it’s so lean, fat carries taste and the fat there is from beef, I tend to think the beef would dominate. But I know you gotta do what you gotta do too.

    And while I personally like goat, I can understand why some might not. It’s a bit greasy. Well. It’s a lot greasy actually. That’s coming from a Southerner too (which automatically means my blood is 10% bacon grease to start with).

  5. “You should reconsider on the buffalo. It’s really quite good. Taste is a little different, but it really is very comparable to lean beef in taste and texture.”

    Thanks for the advice, but “tastes a little different” is not the best encomium for a food choice. Also, as to your friend’s advice if I blend in ground chuck I raise the fat content and low fat is how I’ve lost 35 pounds in the last two years while, eating the foods I love. I use beef chopped meat that is only 4% fat in content. Turkey chopped meat is actually higher in fat and doesn’t taste as good in chili. I make a mean chili. but have to keep it mild for my wife. I would love to make chili in the real style using cubed beef, rather than chopped, but haven’t gotten around to it. My biggest problem is that due to my health I have a restricted salt diet. It’s tough to cook without it and have anything but bland taste but I’ve learned to compensate.

    “Have you tried Antelope? It’s similar to Goat.”

    Add goat to haggis on my not interested list. Irrational though that may be, even with me loving Jamaican food, but there it is. Also I don’t use bacon, more for fat content than religious reasons.

  6. Mespo72,

    Thanks for postin’ that purdy song. Ms. Tammy was a real gem of a common gal who made something out of life from nothing.

  7. mmmmmmmmmmmm


    I short out more keyboards this way.

  8. Buddha,

    Bacon is the solution. I know that adding bacon defeats the “health” reasons for eating Bison, but a little bacon mixed in with the meat will do wonders. I say this as someone who cooks A LOT of game meat.


    Have you tried Antelope? It’s similar to Goat.

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