Caging the Catwoman: Woman Charged Criminally for Feeding Stray Cats

180px-BatmanreturnspostercatwomanKatherine Varjian, 65, was been captured! The feline felon has long been in the sights of the Beverly Hills cops as a recidivist feeder of stray cats. Her twelve-year reign of terror was brought to an end with misdemeanor charges for feeding as many as 30- cats a day in her back alley.

She faced a possible six months of jail time and a $1,000 fine for her criminal enterprise. She found herself in deep cat litter when she violated a prohibition on feeding stray or feral cats — viewed as attracting such menaces as coyotes. The problem is that code 5-2-104 was deleted by the city — an act now called inadvertent by the city. Now, the city enforcers have coughed up the provision like a codified fur ball.

The city still wants to enforce the code, which seems a curious legal argument, and argues that Varjian has been supporting over a hundred stray cats.

It is difficult to get a picture of Ms. Varjian so I assume she looks either like the catwoman above or the Simpsons cat lady below:

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20 thoughts on “Caging the Catwoman: Woman Charged Criminally for Feeding Stray Cats”

  1. Carlyle,

    I go to all the trouble of setting up an Invasive species joke, which is funnier and more accurate, and you go with feral?

  2. CM,

    Sure, of course you are correct about the nature of good sarcasm, but I was attempting to dumb it down a bit for some of our new trolls. A couple of them are a bit on the slow side. I’ll not compromise there again.

  3. Jericho,

    Sure, you laugh now, but….

    what starts with the seemingly innocent feeding of stray cats can ….let alone feeding the stray kids.


    I don’t wonder if they are tasty.

  4. Sure, you laugh now, but….

    what starts with the seemingly innocent feeding of stray cats can quickly turn into helping the homeless, giving up seats to the elderly and even worse examples of altruïstic behaviour…

    We should know by now that only egoïsm is the mother of the wealth of nations… Why do you think those greedy Chinese are doing so well, they’re refusing to give anything up for more than one kid, let alone feeding the stray kids.

  5. Gyges.

    Attacking cats as feral animals is unfair. The absolutely worst feral animal of all is homo sapiens sapiens.

  6. Buddah.

    Sarcasm works best if you don’t explicitly point out that your previous statement is sarcasm.

    With really good sarcasm it should be that half the readers think that it is dead pan seriousness from an insane author with the other half recognizing the obvious sarcasm.

  7. Gyges,
    I bet cats have the same to say of humans!

    It’s good to hear someone out there saw the compassion in this story.

  8. Well, if the catwoman looks like the one from Batman, then I will gladly pay any fine, after a face-to-face introduction. The other one, not so much…

  9. Compassion for other living things is such a crime. It should be legally punished whenever possible.

    (For the new readers and/or Neocons who might agree with that statement: That was sarcasm.)

  10. Perhaps a very long prison sentence will help her reform her straying ways.

  11. A.Y.,

    I just met a woman from Vietnam. She said she used to have a cat but one of her neighbors ate it. She took that a lot better than I would have.

  12. Catchy tune, that! I sure got my daily dose of humor reading today’s posts….chuckling & ready for another wonderful day!

  13. I’m waiting to see next year’s headline.

    Beverly Hills seeks government funding to investigate the mysterious decrease in the city’s wild bird population.

  14. Dang,

    And you figure as many people in LA that like delicacies that they would encourage the feeding. PETA.

  15. bring tea for the tillerman
    steak for the son
    wine for the woman who makes the strays come

  16. I love the automatically generated posts. Was she trying to feed Yusuf Islam? Well no wonder the city went after her. What do you expect?

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