Palinotology: Sarah Palin States That, If President, She Would Be Protected By The “Department of Law”

225px-palin1There is a reason why many of us never tire of watching Sarah Palin. It may be the same sensation that draws people to car races to see the crashes or watch the Weather Channel for the tornado footage, but there is something enthralling the study of Palin, or Palinotology as I prefer to call it. In her latest statement, Palin helpfully explained that being president would be easier than being the Governor of Alaska because “the department of law” would protect her from lawsuits.

This also makes Palin the first presidential aspirant who appears to want the job in part for the free legal representation.

There is a Forrest Gump fascination with people who ascend to great heights unburdened by knowledge or intellect. There is an Alaskan Department of Law, but she may want to clarify those titles before moving into the White House.

Sarah Palin is a national treasure for bloggers, comedians, and democratic fundraisers. I, for one, would gladly have the Secretary of Law and the entire Department of Law defend her.

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30 thoughts on “Palinotology: Sarah Palin States That, If President, She Would Be Protected By The “Department of Law””

  1. She’s SUPPOSED to be a professional. She doesn’t have an excuse. Any excuse. If the head of GM said, “We’re going to build a better Mustang”, you’d look at him like he’s a clown. Or insane. There are no bonus points for not being any dumber. Unless you attend school in Louisiana now.

  2. At least she knows there are 50 states, not 57. Why do we insist on jumping on the verbal gaffes of one politician but not another? At least Palin had an excuse given the name of the legal department of the state of Alaska.

  3. Mike S. and Rich,
    Palin is a simple minded politician who doesn’t know how to spell “Agenda”. The Department of Law should arrest her for stupidity.

  4. Buddha:

    “Steele On Palin: “2012 Off The Table”

    I think there is a word for his expierience:

    “realization – coming to understand something clearly and distinctly; “a growing realization of the risk involved”; “a sudden recognition of the problem he faced”; “

  5. C.L. 1, July 7, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    If her primary concern is getting sued, exactly how much illegal activity is she planning to do?

    Ya see C.L. some people just don’t realize that their conduct is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Did anybody figure out if it was Tuesday yet?

  6. “There is a Forrest Gump fascination with people who ascend to great heights unburdened by knowledge or intellect. ”

    This is a Classic, do ya think Geo W thunk this way too?

  7. I highly recommend checking out the full video of her resignation. Kernservatism at its best. She appears to have been doing speed during her speech. She will be missed by yours truely. A presidential run and/or nomination would have really helped Obama.

  8. That’s okay Bob, Esq. People of deep Faith in God simply cannot look beyond ‘belief’ towards logic and reasonableness.

    I have one relative who was a straight ‘A’ student throughout high school and college, is as accomplished with commonsense as he is with integral calculus, he pilots commercial-sized aircraft for the military, and has flown jets, and at one time was a helicopter mechanic. However, he still “believes” the young earth scenario and takes the Bible as the literal word of God. By the way, the Air Force is the most “Christian” of all of the military services and its ranks are full of accomplished, ultra-intelligent noncoms and officers.

    Deep Faith is simply something that if it has a hold on you, nothing else really matters, regardless of how you excelled in math and science. People of Faith, to me, are the most enigmatic of all humans. They can function extremely well—and often exceed in all human endeavors—while still ‘believing’ that an anthropomorphic apparition whispers softly and tenderly in their ears while guiding their every action and reaction to life’s challenges. Then, one day their souls will wing toward a heaven somewhere up in the wild blue yonder where you would think my pilot relative would have at least run over an angel or two with all of his high flying up there in the heavenly clouds.

    “Clarence, Oh Clarence, did you ever get your angel wings or did a jet jockey’s turbulence vortex your apparitional vapors out of existence before that bell rang?

    Even as an atheist—40 years and counting—‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is still one of my favorite movies since I first saw it at Christmas time, sometime in the early to mid-1950s.

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