No Angel: Woman Arrested for Harassing Grandmother With 45 Prank Calls A Day

090703122852_rawls_mugAngel Marie Rawls, 21, is not what you would call an ideal granddaughter. She has been arrested with a friend for calling her 69-year-old grandmother 45 times a day with death threats. Rawls would tell her grandmother that “you’re going to die” and “I’m watching you” to terrify the elderly lady.

Rawls reportedly told police that her calls were designed to overcome boredom and “have some fun.” She added “I feel bad about it, but I don’t care for the lady. She’s never been there for us; Never will be.” I wonder why?

Rawls is looking at a maximum of ten years in prison for five felony charges for harassment and other crimes.

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6 thoughts on “No Angel: Woman Arrested for Harassing Grandmother With 45 Prank Calls A Day”

  1. Yea she is a pretty nasty little girl if you ask me and thats why none of her family talks to her cuz shes a dirty lil hoe like that

  2. This is one screwed up individual. To do that to anyone is criminal, but to your own grandmother? I would be interested in hearing if she will use the “boredom” defense to these crimes are. She should be shown what real boredom is by being locked up in a prison cell for a stretch.

  3. I wonder if she was trying to scare her to death so she could get an inheritance? Or this Grandmother could really be an evil witch much like the photo of her Granddaughter?

  4. It is good to know about the family relations and circumstances to get a better picture. What if the grandmother had done something in the past? It seems that the report just tells the side of grandmother & the cops.

  5. Charming girl. With a life time of misery laid out before her like a feast. That would be misery for others, by the way, since she apparently lacks a conscience.

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