Muslim Court Calls for Appearance of Genie In Court

250px-Robinwilliams_aladdinA Shariah court in the town of Mahd Al-Dahab has summoned a genie to appear in court in a case where a family has complained about harassment from the supernatural being. The Koran (Qu’ran) mentions genies or jinn.

The family says that the genie is not just mean but tech-savvy. They say that it has been leaving voice messages on mobile phones, stealing mobile phones, and pelting them with stones. The genie wants the family to move away.

285294This is far less friendly than more popular genies as in “I Dream of Jeannie.” As someone who had a mad crush on Barbara Eden, I am distressed by the appearance of such hostile and meddlesome genies. As shown below, good American genies tend to be playful and scantily dressed:

Sheikh Amr Al-Salmi, the head of the local court, will face this genie and resolve the matter under Sharia law. He insists that ““We have to look into this case and verify its truthfulness despite the difficulty of its consideration.” Indeed, such appearance can be unpredictable, as shown below:

17 thoughts on “Muslim Court Calls for Appearance of Genie In Court”

  1. The x looked like that in jeans when we would go dancing it alway brings a tear to my eye when i think about her running off with the neighbors wife.

  2. Well Elvis, I knowed george W. Bush talked to gawd about goin’ ta war in Eyerack ‘n gawd sayed ‘bring ’em on!’ and that is ’bout as crazy as me talkin’ ta Elvis right here ‘n now. I aint agonna get “caught in a Trap” with no ghost impersinatin’ Elvis…gawd is worser ‘nough.

    Rest in Piece….

  3. Elvis said!

    Leo, hey, man, it was Debra Paget.

    Whelp Elvis, for a dead man, your memory is better than mine. Then again, at least I know you were payin’ attention.

    Hey, btw, there are a lot of Obama birthers who say they know you are still alive, what say you?

  4. Thank goodness we are far advanced here in the States. I wonder if Saudi witnesses have an option of placing their hand on a genie bottle when swearing in. It’s admirable that we are not still superstitious, while they apparently are.

    Seriously, is an imaginary genie any less real than an imaginary deity?

    Mahd Al-Dahab. Hmmm, wonder if Frank Herbert visited there. Somehow puts me in the mind of “Dune”.

  5. Hey ‘Fesser T, I first fell for Ms. Eden back around 1960 in the Elvis Presley film ‘Flaming Star’. Those tight fittin’ jeans ‘n,…well just watch.

    The song, ‘Cane and a High Starched Collar’ is a rare song that never charted, but it is one of my favorites.

    Buddha, she was befo’ yo’ time, but Debra Pageant was my all-time favorite—among many. She starred in another early Presley film, ‘Love Me Tender’.

    Man, I wanna go back to the 50s/early 60s…

  6. What’s the going witness fee for genies? Are they also entitled to mileage?

  7. From time to time I hear the brainiacs on wing-nut radio insisting we need to bomb the middle east “back to the stone age”. This story makes me think they might already be there.

  8. quranic index…

    Jinn, creation of, from fire, 15:27; 55:15; signigicance of, 6;127-9 ; 72:1 ; as spirits of evil, 72:1 ; as signifing leaders, 6:113 ; 11:13 17:88 ; as appling to strange people, 34: 12 ; applied to foreigners, 38:36-8 : listen to the Quran, 46:29 ; as leaders of some Jewish tribes, 46:30-1 ; 46:28-9 ; subjugated by Solomon, 27:17 ; as applied to non-Israelite tribes, 34:14

    appling to strange people 34:12 is in reference to the workers that were brought in to build Solomon’s Temple

    applied to foreigners 38:36-8 same as above

  9. Jeannie was more accessible, but it was Samantha that got my motor running.

  10. This is the former Mrs. Perricone’s chance. She can go to the Shariha court and channel the geni. This will establish her bona fides as a person who channels. From there she can go on “The View” and channel the geni again. The geni, having obvious gratitude for her kindness in making his voice heard in a court of law, will thank her by revealing the details of her divorce. I see this as a total win-win.

    Actually, I wish scientists would take this kind of phenomena serious and figure out what’s going on. It’s been reported all over the world, throught history. No subject should be out of bounds for scientific investigation.

  11. Move over prof, I have one or two years on you so I claim my ever dying devotion to Barbara Eden as well and what that lady’s name on Big Valley? Once married to John Derek? Oh, and Julie Andrews was married to him as well, oh geeze, wasn’t she on Dallas too?

    Oh man, I was equally in love with her to, what was her name oh yeah, Linda Evans. Now she had class and I would have been willing to have been her pupil.

    With respect to Article, humm do you think that the Defense can get the mail man to deliver mail to the court. So that it can be resolved that the Genie does exist?

    It could be titled the Sham of Sharia or the Genie of Gotham or the Muppets go Muslim or the possibilities are endless.

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