Report: Cheney Ordered Concealment of Secret Program From Congress

225px-richard_cheney_2005_official_portraitIt goes without saying that, where there is a story of constitutional or human rights abuse, Dick Cheney cannot be far behind. It is therefore little surprise to learn this week that, according to sources in the recent disclosure of a hidden counterterrorism program, the prior concealment from Congress was allegedly ordered by Cheney.

The Central Intelligence Agency reportedly withheld information about program for eight years on orders from Cheney, who continually fought any disclosures on a host of subjects to either Congress or the courts.

As I discussed on this segment of MSNBC Countdown, it is a crime to withhold such information from Congress — yet another crime that is not being investigated by the Obama Administration.

While covert operations can be limited to disclosures to the Gang of Eight, the National Security Act of 1947 requires such disclosure.

It was previously known that Cheney’s legal adviser, David S. Addington, (another dark character in these scandals) was involved in this matter as well.

Once again, it is astonishing that Attorney General Eric Holder continues to refuse to appoint a special prosecutor to deal with the mounting allegations of criminal acts by the Bush Administration. The blocking of such investigations by the Obama Administration reaffirms the view that our intelligence services live beyond the reach of the law and that our leaders are unaccountable under the criminal laws that they apply to average citizens. While Obama insists that no one is above the law, he has ensured that we have two separate systems of justice for the powerful and the plebes.

In another story, Gen. Michael Hayden who carried out many of the presumptively unlawful programs during the Bush Administration insists that Congress was informed of this particular program, here.

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  1. bdaman,

    Mike S. is correct. It was Mike A. that suggested the motivation may be to prevent/remove a black man from holding office. -Mike A. added a disclaimer noting that he was not suggesting that was my intent.

    Mike S.,

    You are far too fast at judging others. I enjoy debating issues. I don’t enjoy debate for the sake of argument.

    As I have stated in previous posts; I would be questioning John McCain’s natural-born status -if he would have prevailed. In fact, as I stated in a previous thread, I had dinner with one of McCain’s lawyers and discussed the same.

    Perhaps this quote from Jefferson will provide you with some direction.

    “It has been a source of great pain to me to have met with so many among [my] opponents who had not the liberality to distinguish between political and social opposition; who transferred at once to the person, the hatred they bore to his political opinions.”

  2. To me there has been presented no credible evidence that President Obama is illegally in office and much credible evidence that supports it (his being in office).

  3. “I am a man of color so don’t tell me about not wanting a black man in office.”

    When did I say that you didn’t want a black man in office, or that even this argument about the Presidents citizenship is about his being black? I didn’t and you can go back and look at what I’ve written to discover that. To then bring in “nigger” as if I’ve ever used the word and then add “F You,” is really way out of line. You don’t know me, my work, my long life and the causes I’ve put myself on the line for. All you know of me is what I’ve written here and nothing that I’ve written could be construed as anti-Black.

    My point is that the birther movement is being financed by people who would try to make any Democratic President or Candidate illegitimate and I stand by it. I also didn’t accuse either of you three of conspiring to work together, but commented on how you have provided support for each other. Now I did at one point lump Jim in with the people who voted Republican in the last election and he replied that he
    didn’t vote for McCain, which I’ll accept on his word and because it is irrelevant to my point. Later, on Jim castigates me for implying a conspiracy theory on you three, when that wasn’t what I did. I find it funny though because to me the entire birther movement is a real conspiracy.

    To me there has been presented no credible evidence that President Obama is illegally in office and much credible evidence that supports it. The issue for the birther movement will not go away no matter what evidence is presented, because it is not about fact, but about de-legitimizing a Democratic President. A tissue of barely plausible theories and in Cook’s case duplicity to create an issue. To the extent that people support it I think you and the others are wrong and allowing yourselves to be used. I also think that when Jim throws in a supposed President Obama lie about how he met Michelle, he is merely clouding the waters purposely. Having read a lot of Jim by now I really do think that this is play for him and as such he can be quite disingenuous at times in presenting his viewpoints.

    IS, on the other hand is quite specific as to what he represents and I agree, or disagree with him when our views meld or clash. I have done the same with you bdaman and with Jim for that matter.

  4. Jill and anon, you understand of course that you two are prime examples of why Cheney never wanted to reveal anything to anyone, the fear of “leaks, leaks and more leaks.” I guess that means it’s really your fault that Congress wasn’t properly briefed. And I bet that Liz Cheney would agree.

  5. Illegal, covert operations are in full swing right here in America. I’m 100% certain. 100%.

    Believe it or not. Dismiss it if you like. Someone knows. And hopefully someone will blow the whistle and/or leak the nature of the program or programs.

    I’m just going to keep repeating it and hope that “the truth will out”.

  6. I agree that we’re not getting the full story and I, too, would like to see “leaks, leaks, and more leaks.”

    Thanks for the “” link, Jill.

  7. lottakatz,

    Check out Jeremy Scahill for both Thursday and Wednesday. The story we’re being fed is BS. I’m sure the no geograhpical limitations is correct, along with many other unsavory directives. And I don’t believe it wasn’t operational either. I’m hoping for leaks, leaks and more leaks. It’s the only way this story will actually break open.

  8. bdaman said “I could care a less whether the man that sits there is a republican or democrat. I’m about what that man stands for and what he does.”

    ditto (If that word can still be non-partisan)

  9. Mike A.,

    I have a photocopy of my Certicate of Live Birth -the long form, and I also have a Certification of Live Birth.

    People hire forensic investigators all the time without any “reasonable grounds”. The validity of evidence is regularly challenged. -Just because your side says it’s valid, my side is not required to accept the determination of your expert.

    “what FACTS support the allegation that Pres. Obama’s birth records are false and fraudulent?”

    The reported certification is stamped with a 2007 date. However, the request was not submitted until 2008. -reason enough?

    Check out We the People

  10. “President Obama has spent over a million dollars to hide the vault copy of his birth certificate.”
    That is a persistent birther rumor, but no proof has been offered. Some people believe this implicitly, yet doubt Obama’s birth certificate.

    And the birth certificate is irrelevant, since the birthers insist against all law and precedent that a natural born citizen have two US citizen parents, so Obama can never be natural born. This particular discussion has exhausted almost all aspects of the topic, and the Cook case is moot and over.

    Mike S., about the hijacking, it happened before at “Obama adopts Cheney” and at another thread that I have forgotten. I just tried to respond to birthere posters who chose the thread. Note that I redirected a health policy post away from here to the new health bill topic.

    If we all agree, we can continue all these born discussions at the most recent natural born citizen thread, and direct any birther posters to our replies there, or to any other thread mutually agreed upon:
    Eligibility Questions: Can Clinton Serve Obama and Can Obama Serve the Country?
    Published 1, December 4, 2008:

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