13 thoughts on “CAUGHT IN THE ACT”

  1. I love the picture but I don’t think this is very funny at all.

    This is unlawful and those responsible should be arrested, tried and brought to justice; but will they be? No, because they are above the law? The US Constitution has been violated …

  2. posted this previously along with the follow up video
    – huskie justice prevailed.

  3. “pup might just be licking it…”

    Yeh, sure, right. Bite, gulp, burp, arf-arf-arf, more!

  4. Let’s not rule anything out here.

    After all, the pup might just be licking it to spite his master.

  5. Great pic!

    It’s much harder to steal our civil liberties though as the politicians have to put their hands right down deep inside the jar – because there aren’t many left.

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