English Doctor Allegedly Drugged, Kidnapped, and Forced to Marry Stranger

125px-Flag_of_Bangladesh.svgA London doctor is telling a horrific story of how she was tricked by her family to return to Bangladesh, drugged, put into a psychiatric hospital, and then married to a stranger. The Muslim family felt that Dr. Humayra Abedin was too independent and living a non-traditional life as a physician.

Dr. Abedin was allegedly given a drink with sleeping pills and kept locked away while the family looked for a husband. When she used her cellphone to call friends, it was taken away and sent to a psychiatric hospital. She was able to send the message “My life is in danger, please save me.”

She was forced to marry a man who she met only a few hours before. A Bangladeshi judge eventually ordered her release and return to England.

For the full story, click here.

4 thoughts on “English Doctor Allegedly Drugged, Kidnapped, and Forced to Marry Stranger”

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  2. Thank Goodness she did not have to go to Vegas for that to happen. However on a serious side note, the woman was not following the family dictate. She had to be forced to comply. When people are not treated as mere chattel then we will have different results. Until then….

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