When Legislators Attack: South Korean Legislature (Again) Erupts Into Brawl

Who needs the WWF when you have the Korean legislature? When the Grand National Party pushed through a bill relaxing restrictions on the media, opposition members decided to tables the matter by throwing actual table and chairs while charging the podium. This is only the latest just gladiatorial event in the main hall of the Korean National Assembly.

For those tired of watching only male legislators wrestle, this occasion included women legislators who have truly come into their own as legislative gladiators.

This was relatively mild. Last year, legislators used sledgehammers to enter a parliamentary committee room.
The bill passed since The Grand National Party controls 169 of the 294 seats in the unicameral National Assembly.

James Madison and the Framers designed our system to allow the expression of such passions through the legislative process — to defuse social divisions and the resort to violence. Perhaps Korea might consider a bicameral system with a few additional participatory elements.

Putting aside the obvious need for constitutional reform, however, one at least can credit the Korean legislators for passions and rolling up their sleeves. Our members routinely admit that they do not even read legislation like the Patriot Act and the health care bill. It is hard to say who would prevail in a direct fight on the House and Senate floor, but it would certainly increase C-Span’s ratings. With the addition of Al Franken, the Dems may have an advantage in the Senate (though Lisa Murkowski has spent a lot of time toughing up in the Alaskan woods). The House might be a toss up. Pelosi has the spirit but not the weight and reach. John Boehner strikes me as a natural brawler and the GOP caucus has a lot more NRA members.

For other Korean legislative combat films . . .

However, the Taiwanese legislators have shown equal martial spirit:

For the story and video, click here.

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  1. Buddha,

    Good to see you back.

    Porn indeed. You are aware that most of them have servicing agreements that extend beyond office. Or that is at least what I understand the facts to be.

  2. I’d pony up for pay per view to watch a cage match to the death with the bill reading “Senate vs. Lobbyists” but I’d be disappointed. I’d thought I was ordering a fight movie and I got porn instead.

  3. And to think that we only had Hamilton and Burr. Durn, I wonder what else might have been published, but for the lack of media coverage. Common Sense anyone?

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