Chinese Newspaper Reveals Government’s How To Manual for Police Abuse

China's flagA newspaper in China has published an astonishing manual from a Chinese agency on how police can beat suspects without leaving marks. While crude in comparison to our own torture guidelines for waterboarding, the Chinese how-to manual is further evidence of the abusive training and tactics of the feared Chengguan (cheng guan) police, known as “urban management officers.”

The manual instructs police that “In dealing with the subject, take care to leave no blood on the face, no wounds on the body, and no witnesses in the vicinity.” The manual is used by the local law enforcement units known as chengguan, who are used to suppress protests and crackdown on citizens.

In the authoritarian system, it is rare for a newspaper to publish such an embarrassing story. Indeed, when asked the official from eijing Municipal Bureau of City Administration and Law Enforcement admitted to the publication of the manual but asked “Who put it up on the net? How did internal material come to be discussed outside?”

The manual is called The Practice of City Administrator Law Enforcement.

cbc8a1b05cf7aed12b279507a7a27517The Chengguan have a vicious reputation and were involved in an atrocity last year where they beat a bystander to death after he filmed them with his mobile phone as they suppressed a protest by rural residents. Th death of Wei Wenhua, 41, the manager of a construction company, resulted in jail terms of only three and six years for a few officers. The Chinese authorities often confiscate video phones after such abuses, here.

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10 thoughts on “Chinese Newspaper Reveals Government’s How To Manual for Police Abuse”

  1. “rafflaw”,

    The Republican Bush/Cheney administration did use Totalitarian Chinese torture techniques.

    More specifically, under Republican President Bush, Chinese North Korean torture techniques used on American troops during the Korean War were used on Guantánamo Bay prisoners.

    Apparently that was another story that went down the memory hole.

  2. Did Dick Cheney do some consulting with the Chinese in order to produce this criminal policy? It has the Bush administration written all over it.

  3. I remember a Playboy that was published in the mid to late nineties in Romania “How to Beat Your Wife and Not Leave Any Marks” what an uproar this caused.

    Apparently it was supposed to be a spoof, but in practicality it was true.

    I googled the Article and here is the link:

    In 2000, the Romanian edition of Playboy magazine published an article titled, “How to Beat Your Wife Without Leaving any Marks.”

    Boy I sure have a good memory. It is coming back.

  4. And here’s who they should hire for their law firm:

    “On July 20, [Blackwater/Xe]’s high-powered lawyers from Mayer Brown, which boasts that it represents eighty-nine of the Fortune 100 companies and thirty-five of the fifty largest US banks, filed a motion in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia to impose a gag order on Iraqi civilians suing the company. The motion also seeks to silence the lawyers representing the families of Iraqis allegedly killed or injured by Blackwater in a series of violent incidents spanning several years. Four cases in the Washington, DC, area were recently consolidated before Judge T.S. Ellis III of the Eastern District of Virginia for pretrial motions.”

    Don’t forget that ICE has been illegally entering homes of citizens and non-citizens alike on fishing expedetions!

  5. I just read the police in the UK are to have added powers to enter the homes and premises of protesters and protest groups in the run up to the 2012 UK Olympics. Straight out of the 2008 China model …

  6. anyone who does business in china is made aware that their thirst for all things western is not any indication that the old communist principles of the revolution have been set aside. so what if there are wide streets lined with swank hotels and fabulous apartment buildings and offices? so what if there are huge shopping centers filled with high -end shops like Chanel and Prada; mercedez benz and rolls royce dealerships? this only makes China seem modern and hip. there are still elements of the cultural revolution everywhere. On my last trip to China I had a chance to chat a young man who wanted to learn more about the war China had with the US. Now I’m not the smartest girl in the class but I’m not the stupidest either and for the life of me could not come up with a single thought until my husband whispered, “Korea” and then the light went on. Of course. Korea. this fellow wanted to learn more about how that war is taught to americans and of course I offered to share email as he can’t access any websites that are not from a chinese point of view. I offered to send books and with this he became very nervous. I never received a single email and when I emailed him never got a single response.

    so, after this long rant, none of the policies of torture and intimidation that we hear of come as a surprise. what we should be attending to are the huge amounts of debt that we owe to china and the great numbers of american businesses now involved in the chinese way of doing business and who turn their heads when chinese employees are intimidated.

    wanna know more about who makes your I-Phones? it’s worth knowing.

  7. The phrase “urban management officers” might have been coined by the same guy who came up with “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

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