Chinese Students Allege Officials Sold Their Academic Records — and Ruined Their Lives

China's flagThere is a bizarre story out of China where dozens of Chinese students have seen their future wiped out by the disappearance of the manila folders containing their records. In China, these paper folders follow a student throughout his or her career with every achievement, score, and prospect for a college education. While Chinese officials say that the folders were lost in a move of an office to a floor above, reformers believe that corrupt officials sold the folders to the parents of underachieving students, who then use their records to secure valuable jobs and college entrance.

In my travels to China, I have often been struck how draconian the system is for students. If they do not get into college, they are often stuck in low level jobs. Suicide among students who do not make the cut is common.

Xue Longlong is featured in the New York Times article below. A successful student, he is now struggling to get a construction job.
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2 thoughts on “Chinese Students Allege Officials Sold Their Academic Records — and Ruined Their Lives”

  1. China is the largest Fascist regime the world has ever known and this is merely an example of life under fascism.

  2. I just read the long assed NYTimes Article and the question that comes to mind. So they steal the classmates records and sell them. Do they not possess any type of Names Student ID Numbers?

    Granted the records are in a Manila envelope. How do they know whose to put where if they are not already stolen or misfiled?

    Sounds like South West Texas where LBJ and John Conley went to undergraduate school and some nosy Journalist was trying to obtain a copy of the degrees granted and GPA. All of a sudden All School Records became sealed, unless the student if capable of consenting, parent or guardian consented. The beginning of the Right to Privacy. Unless you are Scalia then no one has that right unless you are Scalia.

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