Denver Police Officer Charged After Allegedly Demanding Fast Service at McDonalds at Gunpoint

newbadge200px-McDonald's_New_LogoDenver police officer Derrick Curtis Saunders, 29, allegedly wants his fast food faster. Saunders is “on leave” to deal with criminal charges after reportedly pulling his weapon at a McDonald’s to speed things up behind the counter.

Saunders was with another police officer in the drive-through line when Saunders became impatient and allegedly decided it was better to brandish his weapon than speak with a manager. He is now charged with menacing, prohibited use of a weapon, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.

It could be worse, one officer arrested a fast-food employee for oversalting his burger. He also avoided the stereotype of doughnut demands, here and here. However Starbucks has proven the undoing of some officers, here.

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15 thoughts on “Denver Police Officer Charged After Allegedly Demanding Fast Service at McDonalds at Gunpoint”

  1. congrads to all you cop haters! you are all upset because you dont have the slightest quality of being a police officer! Hey do yourself a favor and do some research on these charges… according to you all he is GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT…. thank God morons such as yourself are not sitting on a jury trial. before you get all the facts, you make a bias decision based on negative experiences. oh yea i know how it is.. all cops are the same right? has a pilot ever crashed a plane? you dont say dont fly ever again.. has a teacher ever molested a student? you wouldnt say dont send your kids to school ever again.. has a doctor ever made a mistake? you dont stop going to the hospital… however it is unfortunate that law enforcement officials get painted by the same brush.. every isolated incident you hear relates back to Rodney King or Sean Bell. remember, you may be ACCUSED of a law violation one day. your name may be published on the news and internet.. do yourself a favor and check the comments page. you will be judged before you see a courtroom!

  2. Mike A,

    Your fantasy involves McDonalds? I don’t say this often, but that’s just sick and wrong.

  3. If this another example of an idiot who shouldn’t have a weapon in the first place being issued one anyway, and now that he’s brandished it inappropriately, being put on paid vacation while his superiors decide how lightly to slap his wrist?

    Something is going to have to change about how these “public servants” are chosen and trained – and particularly how they’re punished when they threaten innocent people at gunpoint.

  4. should have gone to burger king. could have had it his way there.

  5. I am unsure of which Theme Song to go with or the lyrics:

    McDonald’s is my kind of place,
    They serve you rattlesnakes,
    French fries up your nose,
    Pickles between your toes.
    Last time that I was there,
    They fried my underwear!
    McDonald’s is my kind of place!

    McDonald’s is my kind of place,
    Don’t have a milkshake,
    They come from polluted lakes!
    McDonald’s is my kind of place!
    Don’t eat a Big Mac,
    You’ll have a heart attack!
    McDonald’s is my kind of place!

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