Sixteen-Year-Old Girl in Pakistan is Beaten and Gang Raped for a Year Before Being Turned Over to Police — Who Beat and Gang Rape Her

pray04sthumbnailPakistan flagThere is another horrific story out of Pakistan in the abuse of women and girls. In this case, Assiya Rafiq, 16, was kidnapped by a group of men who proceeded to beat and rape her for a year. When police accused them of bank robbery, the men agreed to turn over a bribe — and Assiya. The Police Chief and his officers then allegedly proceeded to rape her and accuse her of bank robbery.

We have seen how rape victims are abused around the world, particularly in Africa and the Middle East (here and here and here and here and here. Rape victims are often treated as guilty and even punished more harshly than their rapists. We also saw one recent report alleging the rape of girls on Iran’s death row, here.

What makes Assiya so amazing is that she refused to commit suicide (which was probably the expectation of these men) and instead has gone public with her plight — again forcing Pakistani society to face the systemic abuse of young girls and women.

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3 thoughts on “Sixteen-Year-Old Girl in Pakistan is Beaten and Gang Raped for a Year Before Being Turned Over to Police — Who Beat and Gang Rape Her”

  1. Not one new source of information has emerged on those Iranian death row rape allegations that came from one anonymous source and were then cheerfully published by an Israeli newspaper.

    If you don’t care to put incendiary allegations in their proper context, I’m not sure I can continue to link to your content.

    Yes, you post some fascinating stuff, but I’d like to think there’s some kind of filter here, and not just an echo chamber for whatever anyone cares to allege.

  2. That is somewhat of a microcosm for how misuse of government (corrupt officials) victimizes the citizenry, then that citizenry is blamed for allowing the misuse of government.

    It is also possibly a microcosm for an administration following a particularly corrupt administration, then doing nothing about it because of certain “rewards”.

  3. If this is true, I feel for the child. But why would it not be true? I ask this in all honesty, what can this country do for this child when we cannot even take care of the rape victims here?

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