Triple Your Pleasure: Taser To Introduce New Weapon That Allows Officers To Taser Three People Without Reloading

7-27-09taserx3Despite continuing controversies associated with the expanding use of tasers, Taser International has concluded that the problem is that officers cannot taser enough people before facing the hassle of reloading. Before an enthusiastic crowd of hundreds of law enforcement officers, the company unveiled its new triple action taser X3-20.

8629_11010812918_4The new device was the highlight of the annual convention of the Arizona company. For those shopping for the perfect stocking stuffer for the officer who has everything, it will cost $1,799, compared with $799 for the older device. This is assuming that you have already purchased the Taser’s new C2 stunner with MP3 player holster. Then of course there is the air drone taser for large parties or crowds, here.

This video shows the bizarre scene of three women being shot in the back to show the advantages of the new triple action taser:

For a video and story, click here.

9 thoughts on “Triple Your Pleasure: Taser To Introduce New Weapon That Allows Officers To Taser Three People Without Reloading”

  1. securityscene,
    Your business is too make people afraid, or you don’t get business. The problem is that a scared society is one that is easily controlled. The further problem is who does the controlling and for what purpose? All the weaponry in the world won’t do someone any good if they are living their life in fear and you should know more than most given your work, that even if you’re carrying heavy artillery your fear could get you killed. This is the conundrum for our times. The less fear we face life with, the safer we are. Now awareness is a different story entirely. The person going through their day and their life unaware is easy pickings for the predator.

  2. To all the people upset with the release of this new Taser.

    While it would be great to live in a World where these sort of weapons aren’t needed it is a fact that we do need them.

    This is a tool, that if used in the correct way and by responsible people – Police forces/officers (most of them are responsible, though not all) – will help to make the community safer and save the need to deploy conventional more lethal firearms.

    There are times when firearms need to be used, this is a fact, many people carry guns and other weapons and the Taser is a better option to shooting them with a bullet.

    I agree that the world would be much nicer without these weapons, but they are a necessary evil and will keep lots of people safe.

    See for more details!

  3. George,

    That is horrifying. I’m glad tha majestrate refused the charges and I hope the family sues the police. Lord make a way!

  4. I call upon the power of trial lawyers, Lord make a way, Lord make a way, to end this insanity now.

    The crowd cheering was extremely disturbing and it was certainly clear that Taser International was interested in how much control they could exert over, even young, healthy (not counting mental here) subjects–the key words being, control and subject. Take note people, coming to your city and town soon.

  5. I wonder if any of the perks that come with this are training camps in Austria. Will Kurt Waldheim. be the Camp Director? Will Arnold resign his duty’s as Governor to go and run these? How about Sylvester S? Will the Pope resign to finish up his early childhood pledge? Will Sarah have any duties?

    Will they get Autographed Copies of Books, Records (CD’s), Tapes (DVD’s), T-Shirt?

    They do need to be Properly Trained….

  6. Three times the fun? The police officers that use these tasers can’t get it right with a single victim taser let only one that shoots 3 victims at once. I wonder which insurance company handles the liability coverage for the company that makes these deadly devices?

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