A Wee Little Idea to Save the Planet: Brazilian Campaign Calls for People to Pee in the Shower

The latest craze in Brazil is a push to get people to pee in their showers. The effort is designed to conserve water by reducing the use of toilets. Of course, kids have been saving the planet for years.

If nothing else, the effort has gotten people to think about the use of water — if not, the perils of sharing showers.

There is of course nothing new about targeting the toilet. Years ago, the EPA moved against toilets that used too much water. The initial EPA toilets were a disaster. I had one that seemed to jam on urine. There was also the push to put a brick in your toilet tank and campaigns like the one below that, yes, support the idea of peeing in the shower:

This is precisely why I refuse to share showers with Al Gore when he comes into town.

Tall and tan and young and lovely
The girl from ipanema goes walking
And when she passes, each one she passes goes – ah

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unds a wee strange, but a leak can save lots of water. That’s the message an environmental group is sending in a new ad campaign.
Spots running on several Brazilian TV stations promote urinating in the shower.
In one commercial, animated characters such as King Kong, a trapeze artist, a basketball player and an alien show viewers how it’s done — usually in silhouette behind a shower curtain. There’s even a momentary homage to the shower scene from ‘Psycho.’
Children’s voice narrate as a bouncy tune is strummed in the background. At the end, the kids shout: “Pee in the shower! Save the Atlantic rainforest!”
The ad campaign is “a way to be playful about a serious subject,” according to Adriana Kfouri, a spokeswoman for SOS Mata Atlantica in Rio de Janeiro.
The group says eliminating just one toilet flush a day can save more than 1,100 gallons of water in a year.


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  1. On topic, I’m sure we all hope Brazil, and all places in need find economically, ecologically sound solutions to water woes, but I think this is sorta icky.
    And King Kong was not in a shower.

    Off Topic, kinda.
    Dear Number 1 Legal Blawgers,

    Sometimes, I’m couthless. Above, I could have posted Frank Sinatra singing “Brazil”. Or Milton Nascimento’s “Aqua and Vino”. Possibly available, Nana Vasconselos percussing something that tinkles.

    In retrospect, I’m sorry for my rude vulgarity in the vile and gross selection of reply and forewarning, and I sincerely apologize if an untimely viewing is what caused that worst hamburger, sir.

    Anyway, with revelation of my own shame and sorrow, please accept “Rude-i-culous, Part 2”. It’s G-rated.

    WARNING: This clip has clowns. Feel free to fast forward past the scary parts.

    From the corner, and
    With pledges of more ladylike behavior in other threads,

    Pardon Me?

  2. This is precisely why I refuse to share showers with Al Gore when he comes into town.


  3. Mike A,

    …and let’s not forget warrantless surveillance, as benign as it seems to some.

  4. why not just allow people to pee outdoors? in alley ways? in fields and gardens and parks and beaches. like dog beach and dog park there could be pee-pee beach and pee-pee park.
    it is pretty common in New Delhi to see a well-dressed businessman walk up to a bank or other large office building, unzip, whip it out and do his business right out in the open

    I built a house about 15 years ago and we had to use those low flow toilets because of some code or other. and I gotta tell ya, after a few dinner parties where every toilet in the house was backed up before the main course was served, and my squeeze ran from bathroom to bathroom with a plunger, we got tired of being ecological examples real fast and gave up. we went to the online world of plumbing supplies and bought better toilets with power flush.

  5. anon, you’re welcome. These topics provide a nice respite from torture, fraud and birther issues.

  6. Mike A. — Thanks for making me laugh today, for the second time. The first time was after reading your lyrics to “Edelweiss.” (The issue was a serious one, so I didn’t comment, but I did laugh.) Again, thanks.

  7. Wow, I think I was an early pioneer in this field and didn’t even realize it.

  8. I was turn between Wave and The Waters of March… I like Daniela to much to pass up this opportunity .

  9. Conserve resources now to head off a Brazilian future like the one below.
    WARNING: anal fluid explosion

  10. A similar program had been in planning in the US but the Health Club and Country Club industry lobbyists have paid off Senators Vitter, Sessions and Craig to prevent its’ adoption. Also Senator Baucus has worked to water the bill down.

  11. Well growing up in the country as a kid, why, waste time by going inside? As an adult, well, not much has changed. (Did not say fully matured.)

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