Florida Police Officer Arrested for Coercing Sex From Illegal Aliens

162-jonathan.embedded.prod_affiliate.56Broward Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Bleiweiss, 29, has been arrested on charges of using his position to coerce sex from illegal immigrants in Florida. The arrest has shocked the gay community, which saw Bleiweiss as a pioneer as one of the first openly gay officers on the force.

Bleiweiss is charged with 14 counts involving at least eight men. He allegedly used traffic stops to coerce the men into performing sexual acts.

The victims say that Bleiweiss fondled them during stops and forced them to give him their telephone numbers. He then allegedly harassed them until they met with him for sex.

Of course, the story should not be used against the gay community or gay cops, though it is likely to be used in that fashion by some. The fact is that straight officers have been arrested for using traffic stops to solicit sex (here and here). If these allegations are true, the story says little about gay cops or cops in general.

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14 thoughts on “Florida Police Officer Arrested for Coercing Sex From Illegal Aliens”

  1. I used to talk to this man online, we have chatted on the phone and almost met up in Philadelphia when he came down for vacation, luckily i didnt meet up with him. something told me that there was something wrong with him. being real pushy, being vulgar all the time. i was shocked to hear about this. i hope he goes to jail.

  2. What a loser.. I guess he lacked the social skills to negotiate sex like normal people do.

  3. Jill has it right. Just because you are gay doesn’t also mean you can’t be a power-hungry jerk or someone who gets off on the power of the badge or a criminal or any other thing that motivated officer Bleiweiss. Just look at him. Who’d want to take a face like that home voluntarily?

  4. There is something more hideous going on here,he just happens to be a gay officer.And I think we all understand that.

  5. Oppression has never bred innocence and just as they have the right to live lives unhampered because of their sexual orientation, gay people have the right to be corrupt, without it reflecting on their need for equality. It’s the same for fighting all bigotry, we fight for the class of people, without
    the need to believe they’re any different in the gradations of human behavior.

  6. There is nothing to be shocked about. There’s a belief that lesbian and gay people are somehow radically different from straight people. This just isn’t true. There is no difference in belief systems between either group. Being an an oppressed group does not make anyone a good person. Being a member of an oppressor group does not make anyone a bad person. It simply means you belong in one group. People belong in many other groups. In this case a gay man belongs to a group that is given power over others in society. Some people misuse their power, others do not. This man did.

  7. eniobob,

    I guess it is rougher to force a gator to have sex with you than a person. But then again, I do remember an inmate being charged with mutilation after he got tired of being the bitch and bit one off.

    I am not sure if the “Victim” in that case was ever charged.

  8. Sex is sex until it is nonconsensual. Then we have a whole lot of other problems, gay or straight. Seems like a 1983 action is in order here.

  9. Who (besides neo-conservatives) could’ve thought the gay could be evil….

    although, then again, he ís a cop.

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