Shock Video: Man Tasered at Baseball Game in Oakland

We have another taser incident at a sporting event. It is unclear why the man was approached. Some reports suggest that he was in the wrong seat and was not obeying the commands of the officers.

There is again a question of the need for the taser, which creates a scene that is made all the more chaotic with the intervention of a shouting individual and then a fly ball.

One alleged witness left the following account:

I was sitting about 5 rows in front of him and he was actually a Texas fan and he kept yelling obnoxiously. The usher who had been very nice went over and made a joke. And dude flipped out screaming and swearing saying get outta my fing face and calling him the n word. They called security and he was still screaming and swearing. So the police came and while they were trying to put handcuffs on him he kept trying to swing at them. So they tasered him and he fell and hit his head.

While the man is clearly uncooperative and perhaps belligerent, it is unclear why a shot of 50,000 volts was needed.

We previously saw the use of a taser on a woman accused of sitting in the wrong seat at a football game, here.
At last night’s A’s game against Texas, a belligerent fan gets zapped by Oakland police officers (1:05), another fan gets pushed down the stairs (1:25), a woman makes things worse by screaming, and then a foul ball lands (1:42).

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  2. Kim:

    does that make it okay to tase him? Is he dangerous when off his meds or just mouthy?

    I am certainly a law and order type guy, but I do think the police use the taser too much. It does have its place in non-lethal restraint but in my mind should not be used to subdue drunks in public.

    The number of taser incidents that this sight has brought to light are disturbing due to the apparent cavalier attitude had by some in law enforcement when using a taser. These things can be deadly and should only be used as a last resort in non-lethal encounters.

    Being a police officer is extremely stressful but these individuals choose this line of work and by virtue of their authority and responsibility should be held to a high standard of behaviour.

  3. Oh he is not from Texas, he lives in San Francisco.
    He is ill, and if he goes off his meds he gets mouthy.
    I have known him for 20 yrs.

  4. working man,
    Very few of us are ever remembered when history is written. I
    believe though that it isn’t the fame or fortune one has, but the life lived and the lessons passed on to our descendants. You
    have had an excellent role model. A person who also passed on to his community the lesson of a life well led ethically and morally. A hundred years from now the world will remember very little of almost all of us, but the good we’ve done and the lessons that good has taught to others, will have spread wider than we are capable of imagining.

  5. public health alert-Hot Dogs maybe good for you:

    “And as it turns out, sodium nitrate (the chemical used to preserve and color hot dogs and other meats) may have a beneficial effect on all the body’s organs — heart, brain, lungs, everywhere the blood flows. Sodium nitrate seems to have the ability to guard your cells against hypoxia (lack of oxygen).”

    next time you are at a ball game and before you are tasered have a couple of red hots so that if you stop breathing your cells will be protected.

    I always figured that a Hebrew National, as good as they taste with mustard, relish, onions and sauerkraut, had to be good for you.

  6. Poohbear,

    Apparently you’re not smart enough to realize it wouldn’t be your buttons I’d be pushing.

    That’s why you’ll always be a beat cop, genius.

  7. working man:

    Your father apparently believed, as do most of us here, that the best defense an officer has is his decency in dealing with the public. Greatest generation, indeed.

  8. I think tasing the man was unnessary, due to the fact that they tased him when he was already handcuffed. My greatest issue is with the man in the background that was pushed down stairs by security. I personally know him & spoke to him about the sitution. He had asked security what was going on & video taping the incident, when the unprovoked security guard pushed him down the stairs. This action caused him physical injuries, which he does have pictures of. In the video, you can clearly see he was not a threat & was immediately pushed for no reason. He was there with his wife to enjoy the game & was not drinking alcohol. The Coliseum staff insist that the Oakland PD confirms he was trying to penetrate the barrier but it’s obvious they did not see the incident & it’s clearly not the case on the video. What’s is the Oakland Coliseum going to do about it???

  9. Poohbear writes: The thing is Buddha that as a professional I do not allow folks like you to push my buttons. Folks like you do this so they can do the things that you listed. I do my job and write the ticket for the offense which you committed. I have a funny habit of trying to write for a lesser offense if the person is respectful of me and my office. Now let someone decide that he wants to be a jerk, then I write what I can prove and nothing else.

    me: why not just write the ticket for the actual offense and leave it at that? why give or take away points based on likeability? or because they are having a bad day that you have made worse?
    clearly your buttons do get pushed. why not just be honest about that?

    I learned at a very early age to distrust police and to steer clear of them.
    this has worked pretty well for me and the few times I’ve been pulled over for speeding I’ve managed to talk my way out of a ticket every time but once.
    I was once pulled over for coasting through a stop sign. there were no cars anywhere near the intersection and I had a screaming infant in the car seat in back on the way to the pediatrician. the officer took pity on me because the longer he wanted to berate me the harder and louder my child cried. I don’t know if he let me go because my baby was in visible distress or if it was because my hair was standing on end and he was too freaked out to continue with his safety first lecture.
    I dont care if there are good cops and bad cops. I simply don’t want to have anything to do with cops in general.

  10. The thing is Buddha that as a professional I do not allow folks like you to push my buttons. Folks like you do this so they can do the things that you listed. I do my job and write the ticket for the offense which you committed. I have a funny habit of trying to write for a lesser offense if the person is respectful of me and my office. Now let someone decide that he wants to be a jerk, then I write what I can prove and nothing else. Are there jerks out there wearing badges, you are damn right there are. Some of the folks here suggest that we protect them, but be very aware that in most situations they are found and weeded out. Labor laws protect cops too. Don’t believe what you see in movies. Those are meant to entertain. Just like it portrays lawyers to be scumbags. But you never said whether or not the red light ticket stood. Because where I work you may have had an officer riding pine for what he did but you would still pay the ticket. That sport, is a certainty! Have a pleasant life.

  11. Salty: “Tasers never kill, except for when they do.”

    Now I get it: Salty’s a sockpuppet from Taser, Inc. Makes perfect sense; nobody could spew so much misinfo by accident.

    (ps: somebody at the home office should teach Salty how to spell “Douchebag” so that when he gives autographs he gets it right.)

  12. working man,

    Your dad and my grandfather should have had a beer together.

    That’s very much a compliment.

  13. Mike Spindell, this link is to my pop’s obituary. Note that it says Sheriff, chief deputy, police chief, Army WWII and Korea (plus truck driver).

    As sheriff he had to serve as circuit court bailiff. He disliked the judge and once walked out of the court in defiance because the judge let “well to do” people off with a slap on the wrist but sentenced poor people to long jail terms for the same offense. He was well liked by common folks and would have been sheriff longer but for term limits.

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