2 thoughts on “Video: Well, I Was Driving Along . . .”

  1. OMG!

    One of my co-workers (that I loved and respected) had to have a Beemer. He was African American, came from NOTHING and worked his way up to the low end of middle class over about 35 years. (Yes, this was some time ago when a skilled craftsman could hope to become middle class with time and hard work.) Having a Beemer was his signal event that he had made it, that it had all been worthwhile, it would validate his life’s work. Well, he got one and good for him. He took possession on a Monday night and had told us he would drive it to work Tuesday. (People actually went out to the parking lot and viewed new cars and congratulated their co-workers on such things; cars were status, big time.)

    So Tuesday rolls around and no ‘Bill’. Bill finally got to work about 11:00AM in a cab looking as if he was in deep shock. Production came to a halt until we got the story.

    Bill was driving down (south) Hwy. 270 from North County and the traffic came to a halt as it did every morning during rush hour. While he was coming from the lesser income part of the county the highway passes through some very, very expensive subdivisions. So as he was sitting there waiting for traffic to start moving he looks up the hill that borders the highway (and a very tony subdivision that has their own stable and horse path) to see a horse jump the decorative fence that bordered the horse path and come running down the hill directly at his car!

    It hit his NEW BEEMER broadside, did massive damage, and kept on going. By the time the police got there, traffic was again flowing and the horse and owner (who Bill never saw) were nowhere in sight. The cop that came to his aid made him exhale to see if there was alcohol on his breath but did write it up as a horse/car accident and told him he was not the first person on that stretch of road to have a problem with a loose horse.

    Man, we laughed ’till we cried and comforted him as best we could. At some point he too thought it was funny but not until much later in the week.

  2. Hey man you have never hit an Armadillo in a 72 Riveria at 4 in the morning as you were coming home from your date. I understand that stuff. It felt like the entire undercarriage was gone. SOB bent my drive shaft.

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