The Cockney Cuban: English Comedian Held By U.S. Officials As Suspected Illegal Alien From Cuba Due to His “Funny Accent”

    200px-Paul_O'Grady,_April_2009_croppedEnglish comedian Paul O’Grady should have known better. He tried to enter the United States with a “funny accent” and was stopped in Miami by our security officials as a suspected “illegal alien” from Cuba. It was a close call. We came within feet of O’Grady unleashing English humor on U.S. soil. (OK, he does not have a Cockney accent, but it sure ain’t good American talkin’).

    O’Grady says that he was told that he was suspected of being an illegal from Cuba due to his accent.

    The problem is that he was ultimately released into the country to undermine our indigenous comedians with his foreign humor and one-liners. If Homeland Security had simply looked down the list they would have seen that two slots below “illegal alien” is another barred category for “English comedian.”

    Fortunately, I am at the beach with my family in a remote spot. However, the rest of you are vulnerable to Benny-Hill-Monty-Python-Mr.-Bean-type attacks. The following video contains disturbing images, but I feel that it is important for Turley blog readers to know what they are facing:

    God help us all.
    For the full story, click here.

51 thoughts on “The Cockney Cuban: English Comedian Held By U.S. Officials As Suspected Illegal Alien From Cuba Due to His “Funny Accent””

  1. Of course, those of us turlees who were actually present in the early days of turlee bliss will formally remember the handle ‘Waynebro’… He wasn’t hear long enough to be nicknamed ‘Wayne’

    I am not sure who the latest intruders are, but it sounds more inline with the level of sparkling repartee we experienced with ‘dundar’ or ‘niblet’.!

    Now, THOSE were good times…

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    Yeah, I think you’re right. The health care and insurance industry must be ponying up the troll cash in buckets. This is quite a deluge. That or the Neocons and graft merchants really want to draw attention away from the Holder investigation that isn’t really an investigation. Either way, sure seems someone is back to paying these clowns just like they are paying for the teabaggers at the health care town halls.

  3. I remember Mespo, he is the “pseudo-intellectual” who got jack-hammered many moons ago when he tryed to sound intelligent discussing the Catholic church. He got “pummeled” by some young apologist. He “smoked” you Mespo, and some of your ambulance chaser cronies. I enjoyed that blog, but didn’t feel the need to chime in, he was so adroitly “blowing you out of the water”. Loved it!

  4. Mespo, you must be late for your special ed. class. Hurry, you might miss the graham crackers they are passing out, before you start in on “finger painting”.

  5. I am very much enjoying the recent troll invasion. Seems that health care reform has summoned them from the murky depths of the Sea of Stupid. And to get Wayne back, my what a cataclysmic change must be in the offing. Now, if only Bartlebee would appear from the mists, it would be a veritable orgy of the ignorant.

  6. Hey Curtis LeMay when we’re all done re-fighting WW2, can we start on the Peloponnesian War? I am sure you’re an expert in that also.

    You tough guys sure do talk tough too!

  7. You’re right, it would have made more sense to have one million GI’s killed attempting to conquer Tokyo through invasion. After all, why punish the “yellow peril”, in light of the cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor and the wondeful restraint they showed our POW’s in The PI and especially during the Bataan March. After all they only used our GI’s as bayonet practice while living and beheaded civilians in front of there family’s, just for shits and giggles. maybe it was just to much sake, the night before! Heaven forbid we punish them for these heinous acts!

  8. lol

    Oh no! Not lederhosen!

    What’s next? You gonna call me a Nazi? Tell me I have a small pee pee? That Betty Grable wouldn’t do anything to me but kick me in the crotch? That my feet stink and Jesus doesn’t love me?

    You aren’t much for tactics considering you’re supposedly a General. Your strategy is lacking as well. I can see how such a mighty intellect came to the conclusion that carpet bombing civilians is a good idea.

    If you wanted any respect, you should have came in disguised as Eisenhower. Or at least Patton: he was nuts but at least he was a tactical genius. But LeMay?


    That’s almost as bad as choosing McNamara as a nick.

  9. I may not agree with you on principal, but I do feel you are a very bright guy, with a good grasp of the King’s good english.

  10. I can only thank General Marshall that we didn’t have you working in the War Department. We would all be goose-stepping down Main street and wearing leiderhosen at family picnics…..

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  13. If it weren’t for guys like me you would not only be “turning japanese”, you would also be speaking it, nimrod…….

  14. AY,

    I think maybe you are mistaking “clowns” for “clones”. In the spirit of fair trade, we should at least try to unload, em, er, trade them Larry the Cable Guy. But if we send them Osteen and Hinn, no matter what we get in trade, they’ll just get the booted out of Britain like the Puritans did and end up back here anyway.

  15. Oh well, We are Stuck with Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen as well. Do you think we could make a trade?

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