Sharia Court in Somalia Stones to Death a Thirteen-Year-Old Girl For Premarital Sex

stone-1Amnesty International has confirmed that a Sharia court in Somalia executed a 13-year-old girl for having sex outside of marriage in Kismayo. Aisha Ibrahim Kuhulow was reported to be 23 year old, but her father has confirmed widespread reports that she was only 13.

Thousands of people came to watch the girl be executed in a football stadium. She was led to a hole in the ground and buried to her neck. Fifty men then threw stones at her until they thought she was dead. A nurse was called and the girl’s body removed from the hole but she proved to be still alive. The men then re-buried her and resumed the stoning until she was dead.

The horrific execution led some to try to intervene. Some spectators tried to save Aisha and the militia controlling the town opened fire — killing a young boy. While the militia expressed regret over the killing of the boy and promised to punish the responsible soldier, they expressed satisfaction with the men who killed the little girl.

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11 thoughts on “Sharia Court in Somalia Stones to Death a Thirteen-Year-Old Girl For Premarital Sex”

  1. I feel it’s important to mention that the “sex outside of marriage” to which Professor Turley refers was in fact rape. This child was stoned to death because men raped her. It just doesn’t get more shameful.

  2. Gyges has a point. Jeffrey Sharlet’s book, “The Family” is enlightening in this regard and also sheds light on the group’s influence in Somalia, especially it’s ties to Siad Barre.

  3. Carlyle,

    Just to quibble, it’s not typical of Islam, it’s typical of the Fundamentalist sects of Islam. I’d even go so far as to say that it seems to just be typical of Fundamentalism of all sorts.

    Fundamentalist religion seems to appeal to those who long for hierarchy. One of the best ways to encourage people to accept you as being over them is to put them over someone else. By making one gender subservient, you’re essentially bribing half the population. For historical and social reasons it’s made more sense to appeal to the men rather than the women.

    At least that’s my theory as to why religious fundamentalism and repression of women are always intertwined. It goes on in mainstream Evangelical Fundamentalism as well, but is much more subtle. Look at the Quiverfull movement.

  4. Caryle:

    “Unfortunately behaviour like this is typical of Islam.”


    Perhaps not typical, but certainly condoned. You’re right, that’s close enough for me.

  5. Unfortunately behaviour like this is typical of Islam. Muslim women haters make even the worst of Christofacist misogynists look positively wimpish.

  6. One down and how many more to go. Gadd, what a field day that they would have in others country. This is just wrong and sick.

  7. An old proverb goes,“Fire, water and government know nothing of mercy.”

    So it seems, fundamentalist religion should be added to that list.

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