Arizona Man Accused of Trying to Sell Car in “Cash for Clunkers” Program After Fatal Hit-and-Run

timothy+kassidaTimothy Kissida, 23, was not exactly the poster boy for the “cash for clunkers” program. Kissida is accused of killing Chuck Waldrop, 52, in a hit and run accident. He then went that day to a dealer and traded in the damaged car in the “cash for clunkers” program in Phoenix, Arizona.

Waldrop was riding his bicycle when when witnesses say a BMW speeding at about 80 miles an hour and swerving from side to side. It eventually collided with Waldrop but never stopped, according to those witnesses.

Kissida took the 1992 BMW to a Chevy dealership that day for a trade in — claiming that the damage was caused by hitting a Javelina. He is now charged with leaving the scene of a fatal injury accident and tampering with evidence.

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5 thoughts on “Arizona Man Accused of Trying to Sell Car in “Cash for Clunkers” Program After Fatal Hit-and-Run”

  1. eniobob,

    As my grandfather used to say, “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” I’m pretty sure that doesn’t apply to felonies though. 😀

  2. Genius.

    I’ve known some shady car salesmen in my day, but none of them are taking that deal. A bloody BMW, you hit an animal and are trading the car for a Chevy? The only way that could have had more “trouble” written all over it would be if you told them a cow sprung a leak in your trunk so they’ll have to replace the trunk liner too.

  3. Woe, is me the man said at last, recalling the ride that was his last. He is in Sheriff Joe’s humble abode. Where he can wear pink and still stink.

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