Police Officers Arrested After Allegedly Smoking Pot at Police Softball Game and Then Fleeing Pursuing Officers

bildebilde-1Two police officers fled a police softball game with thousands of police from around the country after they were found smoking pot in their van. One officer, Souza, reportedly resisted arrest and had to be pepper sprayed. Shayne Souza, 47, and Kevin Fujioka, 37, allegedly parked illegally when other officers smelled the weed.

Souza is a 20 year veteran of the Honolulu Police Department and Fajioka is a 13 year veteran patrol officer from Pearl City. In this case, both officers reportedly jumped from the van and ran from the scene with fellow officers in close pursuit.

The men face misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession. Fujioka is also charged with driving under the influence of a narcotic. Souza is also charged with resisting a police officer and obstruction of justice.

Scott Wilson, a social worker from Honolulu, was also arrested.

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11 thoughts on “Police Officers Arrested After Allegedly Smoking Pot at Police Softball Game and Then Fleeing Pursuing Officers”

  1. Perhaps more police officers will be willing to assist in the decriminalization of marijuana!!

    As far as parking illegally, they should pay the fine as anyone else would have to. More than likely, that is what got them busted.

    Smoking pot does not, in my humble opinion, lead to commiting criminal acts. It’s usually silly stupidity, like parking your personal car illegally, which under most statutes is a violation, not a criminal act.

  2. Dear Hawaiian Voter,

    If you plan of smoking marijuana, please smoke the highest quality cannabis available. Our officers are accustomed to confiscating and smoking only the very best. We thank you for your cooperation.

  3. as a Honolulu resident, I feel confident those bozos arrested many and kept most of the evidence, I got popped once for less than an 1/8 and he complained about the looks of it:”this isn’t the quality we usually get around here”. Bitchin’ about homegrown,he was

  4. I would be fascinated to know these officers thinking on this. I
    agree with Leah that perhaps they arrested many people for pot in their careers. What did they think gave them the right to do what they might arrest others for?

  5. I can’t help but wonder how many pot smokers these two paragons of law enforcement arrested over the years. I think I smell a hint of hypocrisy wafting along on the clouds of marijuana smoke.

  6. Scalia,

    Sit on this:

    Relatives of those killed in a 1997 massacre march Tuesday in San Cristóbal, Mexico. A court ordered 22 of those convicted freed.

    MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s Supreme Court ordered 22 indigenous people freed from prison on Wednesday after finding that federal prosecutors used forged evidence and false testimony to implicate them in a 1997 massacre in a tiny hamlet in Chiapas.

    Link: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2009651376_mexico13.html

  7. Something I read or saw on TV a few years back went something like this. There was this Bar that had a band playing and it was kind of out of the way. Some drunk folks decided that they needed some money and decided to rob it. Well the money was given to them and as they were leaving the bar. They had this entourage of men and women holding guns at them. Apparently, they decided to rob a bar which was owned by a cop, frequented by cops and the band that was playing were cops.

    They did not make it out of the bar. Hows that for stupidity? Or really unlucky criminals?

  8. Just a tip to my pot smoking friends in law enforcement: Unlike your patrol car, which you’ll park anywhere, you cannot park illegally when you plan on lighting up in the car. The thing is, when you’re smoking a j in your car, you want to blend in, not stand out! 🙂

  9. I bet they were looking for the Vegas Connection. That would be my defense. That they were doing under cover work for the President. Hey, I stand to be corrected, that defense did not work for Ollie did it now?

    But everyone knows that Hawaii used to be known for it Maui Wowwie. Not so sure any more. Anyways it looks like they missed the foul ball while in the outfield and continued to run for it once they saw the lights. Then again they could have been blinded by the lights and wrapped up like a …. in the middle of the night.

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