Rhode Island to Shutdown for Twelve Days

125px-Flag_of_Rhode_Island.svgRhode Island is the latest state government to discover that the public simply cannot afford a government — at least for twelve days. With hundreds of billions spent on Iraq and Afghanistan (with new calls for an increase in Afghanistan), it is understandably confusing for many citizens as states sell off government buildings and cities shutdown to avoid bankruptcy.

The United States appears to be defying predictions of the natural progression of civilization from anarchy to feudal states to central governments. We appear to be moving in the wrong direction. The people of Rhode Island simply cannot afford their government and will have to do without. No wonder the state’s motto is “Hope.”

Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri (who is trying to force state unions to make concessions) announced the plan, which will put over eighty percent of the state employees on the street for the period.

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14 thoughts on “Rhode Island to Shutdown for Twelve Days”

  1. The lack of actual money never stops anyone in Washington from spending, I think the lack of state and local bailouts goes way beyond money being spent on the wars. If health care reform has to be paid for, though, so should the wars. I’m a little surprised Obama hasn’t been more aggressive in bailing out states and cities, even with so much else going on.

  2. It’s interesting to note that on 9/11 those folks jumping from the Twin Towers to their deaths were screaming “Free Iraq” all the way down.

  3. I saw that movie, it was better than I expected it to be (I normally don’t watch those types of movies). All the womanizing was awesome! 🙂

    One of OBL’s express goals was to bankrupt the US.

    I don’t think Afghanistan is governable with a strong central government, I think it needs strong regional governments with a weak federal government.

  4. Indentured Servant,

    You don’t know much about a True Texas Democrat of that era. They were Fiscally Conservatives until reason to be irate, then a stand was taken.

    The first President to leave a unbalanced budget with a deficit in Washington was Dick Nixon. Then Jimmie Carter got blamed for this, come on give credit where credit is due.

    In Afghan they have lots of caves to hide in. Many which have been Bunkered, hey I wonder if that is where Cheney was on September 11, 2001? Just a thought.

  5. Buddha,

    Isn’t R.I. or is it Delaware that never abolished slavery. I forget which. If memory serves me well the Emancipation Proclamation only applied to the states in insurrection. Just an FYI.

    Speaking of “intelligent extraterrestrial life, this would be one of the many reasons our planet is under quarantine or will be by the time they get here.”

    In December and January 2008 see this link:


    After Bush left Washington he eventually ended up in Crawford, Texas in January 09. The weekend that he was supposed to go to the Ranch we had an Unidentified Flying Object that went from Austin to South Dallas passing over Crawford.


    What do you think is up with this?

  6. AY:

    I have seen Charlie Wilsons war and it was a good story.

    With people like Casper Weinberger, Admiral Poindexter and others of similar intellect I seriously doubt Charlie Wilson was the single mastermind behind providing arms to the Mujahadin.

    My take is that it is to hard for the left to give credit to republicans, so it is easier to believe some low life congressman from Texas was the man behind the curtin. The Gorbachev reason did not gain traction so we get Charlie Wilson.

    As Gyges says “outrageous claims” need substantial proof.

  7. AY:

    As I said we gave them arms and ammo to sustain their fight. The combination lead to Russia’s defeat and played, in my opinion, a major role in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    Just an opinion on this one, I am sure other issues were a contributing factor in the collapse.

    But our strategy is definitely being used against us.

  8. States will be closing, yet the decline of civilization will be televised. Even losing advertising isn’t stopping people like Beck. Surely that alone is a sign of the Apocalypse.


    If there is intelligent extraterrestrial life, this would be one of the many reasons our planet is under quarantine or will be by the time they get here.

    Good luck, R.I.

  9. Indentured Servant,

    Please see Charlie Wilson’s War. Even though it was produced by Hollywood it was mostly an accurate description of what our the US’s level of involvement Afghanistan was. The Afghan’s were not winning anything, until our involvement. But believe as you will, I do not want to turn this into a birther issue.

  10. Osama Bin Laden is truly a remarkable man, his strategy with the Soviet Union was to engage them in Afghanistan so they would spend money they did not have. This is actually probably why the Soviet Union went south more than anything Reagan did, although he did fund the Mujahidin with arms and ammunition.

    What is astonishing is that the US is playing by Bin Laden’s’ rules as we spend billions in blood and treasure in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Hopefully our society can withstand this level of spending but it dose not appear to be able to.

  11. You think that this is bad, the state of Michigan has at the present time 5 days and may have more coming.

    So what about this trickle down theory? My leg is still wet and I think the color is yellow. My dog is female so I am sure its not her.

    So what do you think of the Regeanite Bull Shit now?

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