Oregon Police Do NOT Taser Naked Man

raymond+robersonRaymond Lawrence Roberson, 70, first threatened to blow up his van, threatened anyone who came near him, paraded around with a rifle, and then shutdown a highway after barricading himself in his van. When he emerged, he stripped naked and was tackled by police. The most amazing and redeeming aspect of this story is what the police did not do: they did not shoot him or use a taser. They simply subdued the man with the least possible force.

Roberson has been charged with menacing and disorderly conduct. We often follow cases of excessive force on this blog, including tasering naked suspects or citizens who simply do not respond to orders (here and here and here and here and here). Occasionally, it is important to recognize the many officers who strive to protect the public without escalating the level of force and without exaggerating the threat.

For the video and story, click here.

7 thoughts on “Oregon Police Do NOT Taser Naked Man”

  1. Now, now, don’t go too easy on them. Maybe they simply forgot to bring ammo and their tasers were on empty…. remember even a clock that doesn’t tick is still in the right position twice a day and – yes – occasionally, even a police officer will protect and serve at least one other.

    This comment was 75% sarcastic

  2. Nice job officers. Well done.

    That comment was 100% sarcasm free.

  3. Wow, if you knew Southern Oregon like I know it, you’d be even more impressed at the civilized behavior of the officers!

  4. Good Job, LEO’s. I want that face mask for Halloween.

    Nah, it would be too scary.

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