Indiana Deputy Sheriff Arrested For Allegedly Soliciting Women at Speedway Gas Station

paulwagner_20090825131254_320_240Indianapolis deputy sheriff, Paul Wagner, 25, has been arrested for allegedly soliciting women for sex by offering them free sodas or candy bars while working as a security officer at a Speedway gas station.

He has not only been charged with solicitation of prostitution but also official misconduct after being put under surveillance. The tape allegedly shows Wagner offering a female customer a candy bar or a coke (not both) for oral sex.

What is interesting is the official misconduct charge. While he was working for Speedway, he was wearing his Sheriff’s uniform and thus could be charged with the official misconduct.

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10 thoughts on “Indiana Deputy Sheriff Arrested For Allegedly Soliciting Women at Speedway Gas Station”

  1. I know someone who will give them for free and will go to your work and do it in the backseat of her car.

  2. lottakatz: yeah you’re right about that, that’s not the actions of someone whose life goal is to be “the first chubby comedian to live past 35”.

    Buddha Is Laughing: I stole a catchphrase from Hank Hill that I always say when I do something stupid(an unfortunately common occurence). Just as I had opened the Prof’s blog I managed to knock everything on the computer table to the floor, I closed my eyes and said “dang it Bobby”, when I opened my eyes, there was that picture. I laughed so hard I was crying, coughing and hiccuping.

    Die laughing? yeah I can see that

    I suppose some unholy trinity of the worst traits of Boomhauer(sex), Dale(stupid plan) and Bill(complete cluelessness)

  3. CEK,

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Before I opened the thread I was thinking “Should I call Mike Judge?” The picture alone is Judge worthy, but the story that goes with it could have been inspired by bad advice from Dale.

  4. CEverett, LOL! The resemblance is striking but Bobby Hill has his head screwed on way too tight to do stuff like that 🙂

  5. okay. check out this guy’s picture. you just gotta wonder how stupid a woman has to be to give this moron anything in exchange for a candy bar except directions to the closest police station.

  6. He wants a BJ for $2? I know we’re in a recession, but damn, that is just insulting.

  7. And the maybe the Indiana Catholic Parish is suffering the same Priest Shortage:

    “I read this in the paper this morning: New York City has a priest shortage. So you see, there is some good news in the world. … To give you an idea how bad it is, earlier today in Brooklyn an alter boy had to grope himself.” —David Letterman

    This is sad and at a Speedway too. Most Speedways do not have Security must have been a traffic spot.

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