The First Thing We Do Kill All The Lawyer Blogs

210px-King_Henry_VI_from_NPG_(2)When Dick the Butcher declared in Shakespeare’s Henry VI “The first thing we do let’s kill all the lawyers,” he may have been prophetic. Jones Day partner Mark Herrmann has written on his blog that his unscientific survey shows that legal blogs tend to have a lifespan of less than a year.

We may have typos and trolls, but we are still here after roughly two years. That should count for something.

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121 thoughts on “The First Thing We Do Kill All The Lawyer Blogs”

  1. JT,

    I believe banning Patty C. and allowing Bron98 back is the correct and fair thing to do and I’m glad you did so.


    I am so sorry about your husband, father, and now friend. You did well by your husband and father. As to your friend–there are legal ways to shelter her home (blind trust is one but a good atty./accountant will know them all). I would not hesitate to investigate these options. I hope one of them will work out for her. I hope your kitties are better also. You’ve been through a great deal and I’d like to express my thoughts are with you.


    Hope you stay around.


    I agree with CEJ, resume posting please.

  2. Do we ever sleep since the invention of the internet (thanks Al Gore, lol) and the blackberrys?

    Professor if you will notify Buddha at his email addy that would be great. I thank you for your decision. I realize that it was not an easy one to make.

    Buddha, if you are listening this morning or coming to get back here. We have world hunger problems to solve. How we do that I am unsure but at least we’ll get ideals.

  3. Buddha Is Laughing,

    Stay please. Rules are inequitably enforced everywhere. You know that. Maybe there is a pecking order. I don’t care. What I do care if you cease to exist here then you are silenced. You bring a perspective to list that I need. I wish somehow or another when it came to the birther issue I could retract getting notifications. It is a bore for me now. I just skip em.

    Now with Patty C who would was right here right up front to defend me. She has caused a number of people to cease to write on the list, lurk or exit. Why should we give her that power? Why should we let her make “Our” decisions to stay or go?

    She is fearful of you, Jill and or myself as she show her ignorance by personal attacks and then tries and make up with the regulars that still write to her with some stupid recipe. That takes a Sociopath or a Psychopath to change directions so quickly. In all reality, what has she contributed to this list substantively, since I or you have been here? Not a damn thing.

    I am asking that you stay and help me with the scifi shit. I have not a clue what the meanings are behind them. I watched a show last night called “eureka” I still don’t understand it. But I heard someone talk about it so, I wanted to see what it was about. We all teach and you have taught well.

    Come on buddy and I am trying to be funny with this. Have you ever tried to read a posting from Mike S while driving? It just can’t be don’t effectively. Not saying that I do that but try it.

    Without you here Patty C wins and runs off yet another good person. You are a better man than that and if you need me to lend you some marbles, front you some dough for the next hand or whatever. You have to stay here so that I’ll know.

    This became a welcome relief from my own grief and I have a tendency to isolate and then my fears get bigger. I can usually think of something off of this list that amuses me throughout the day. Come on you have to admit that the kid from Diboll, TX calling a Wendy’s in LA on a prank was funny. Where else will you see the stupid American human tricks?

  4. Buddha,

    You gave up your right to secede when you exhibited a similar chemical imbalance as the one you accused Patty of having.

    To Wit:

    “You spontaneous combusted like a magnesium rag doll thrown in a pool of water.”

    Since when does magnesium, an element found in tire rims, explode when exposed to water??

    Na, pun in tended, what you should have wrote was “a sodium rag doll thrown in a pool of water.”

    Raul Duke: Get a grip man; You’re all sideways.

    Dr. Gonzo: Cows are gonna kill me. Bisexuals are gonna kill me. Let’s get out of here, where’s the elevator?

    Raoul Duke: No, fu(k! Don’t go near the elevator man, that’s just what they want us to do. Trap us in a steel box, take us down to the basement. Come here. Don’t run, man. They’d like any excuse to shoot us.

    Etc., etc., etc.



  5. CCD,

    I got problems.

    1. I got a problem with the media constantly resorting to Argument from personal incredulity whenever anyone has the balls to ask logical questions about the events that transpired on 9/11.

    But Bob, I hear you ask, what’s “argument from personal incredulity?

    “Two common versions of the argument from personal incredulity are:

    * “I can’t believe this is possible, so it can’t be true.” (The person is asserting that a proposition must be wrong because he or she is [or claims to be] unable or unwilling to fully consider that it might be true, or is unwilling to believe evidence which does not support her or his preferred view.)
    * “That’s not what people say about this; people instead agree with what I am saying.” (Here the person is asserting that a proposition must be inaccurate because the opinion of “people in general” is claimed to agree with the speaker’s opinion, without offering specific evidence in support of the alternative view.) This is also called argumentum ad populum.

    An argument from personal incredulity is the same as an argument from ignorance only if the person making the argument has solely their particular personal belief in the impossibility of the one scenario as “evidence” that the alternative scenario is true (i.e., the person lacks relevant evidence specifically for the alternative scenario).”

    So when Charlie Sheen asks a few relevant questions that demand answers by their nature of holding up the entire structure of the widely accepted and dare I say comforting ‘official’ story, we get this:


    2. My second problem is with Buddha who’s only acting like Brett Farve because non one’s validating his method of dealing with the likes of Patty. However, if one were to equate JT with Paulie from “Goodfellas,” then Buddha should know the deal.

    Henry Hill: [narrating] Any problems, he goes to Paulie. … But now the guy’s gotta come up with Paulie’s money every week no matter what. Business bad? Fu(k you, pay me. Oh, you had a fire? Fu(k you, pay me. Place got hit by lightning huh? Fu(k you, pay me.”

    Apparently Buddha forgot the “fu(k you pay me” part of the deal.

    And seeing that Buddha would most likely prefer to ignore Patty entirely, like I do, I don’t think he’ll be marching off in a tantrum as he claims.


    3. Raoul Duke: Wear some golf shoes, otherwise we’ll never get out of this place alive. Impossible to walk in this muck. No footing at all.

    Stay in your own movie,


    P.S. Mankind still has not evolved an inch from the slime that spawned him.

  6. mespo,

    If you didn’t understand my explanation about my bone of contention that’s made me decide to leave after tonight, you need to re-read what I said. I was very clear and I didn’t stutter.

    My leaving isn’t about Patty.

    It’s about JT making rules he seems to leave purposefully nebulous, doesn’t apply evenly but with blatant favoritism.

    That’s his right, this is his place.

    It’s also very behavior we all bitch about in politicians all the time.

    Patty is as insignificant to me. I don’t care what she says. She’s a discredited loon with everyone but you. I don’t care if you like her.

    But when attacked I reserve the right to defend myself. From anyone, any where, any time. The right to self-defense is so basic Jefferson didn’t even include it in the DOI. It comes with breathing. If either you or JT don’t like that I will defend myself, that’s just too goddamn bad. I’m not either of yours bitch either. Especially just to make JT happy in protecting his pet psycho but that seems exactly what he’s asked me to do. It’s a request I’m not going to comply with period so I’m going to be leaving now. It’s no more complicated than that. She’s attacked three regulars in a row. She hasn’t stopped attacking people for months now. I also know she’s attacked other regulars before I showed up. You defend her all you like, but if you confuse our motivations as being the same? You’re as wrong as I’ve ever seen you and you don’t know me a bit. You also might want to brush up on your pattern analysis skills too. It’s a little weak around this subject.

    But be clear:

    Our host and his actions tonight are why I am leaving. Not Patty nor anyone else. When he decided to punish me for defending myself? I don’t need that kind of shit from a hobby. And I didn’t appreciate the hypocrisy of it much either.

  7. This a quote from Abraham Lincoln-

    “We should be to big to take offense and to noble to give it.”

    I learned that here. Thank-you Mespo!

  8. CEJ:

    Sadly, I doubt I can be of much help here. The warring parties have decided that the town isn’t big enough for the both of them. I never understand how leaving in a huff, or insulting in a huff, solves any dispute, but Lord knows, it’s an all too common approach. BIL does not like Patty C and the feeling appears mutual. I like them both and feel no need to take sides. My suggestion, for whatever it’s worth, is that the parties exchange emails and privately agree to disagree without the name-calling and recrimination. It does get tiresome, and garners them no credit with those who come here to avoid the crude tongue lashings that describe so many other blogs. I have no desire to see either bright, erudite, and interesting commentator take a powder, but requiring our host to take some action or the other to satisfy the egotistical requirements of either in this sandbox dispute seems out of place to me.

  9. Dearest Buddha,

    Please don’t leave! You know we all love you!

    Please break your hiatus and return from “lurkerdom” we need you! Do you remember many months ago when I sincerely complimented you for the way you handled Patty’s attacks? I had vowed then to just ignore her posts rather than attempt to rebuke her. Your presence is missed. Please come back in of support Buddha and this blawg.

    Please say something wise and convincing! I am hoping you can broker a solution. Did you notice it was you who first offered to sponsor or recommend waynebro/bron’s return before Buddha did the same; but it was him she jumped all over!

    Maybe instead of banishment you could try censure?

    Again please Buddha don’t leave, please reconsider, you may still be so raw having suffered such a recent tragic loss; the first year is usually the hardest and you have borne it so well. I was hoping the blogging was a welcome distraction and possibly offered solace but I can see how frustrating it can be for you.
    I hope you sleep on it and change your mind.

  10. 1, September 11, 2009 at 11:12 pm

    I hope you see this before JT protects you again,


    Now that’s what I’ve been wanting to say all along.

    Isn’t unfettered free speech wonderful

    BILe, you are certifiable ‘Th-th-that’s All Folks’
    out of your mind.


    Be sure totake your meds1

    1. Patty C:

      I have deleted five messages in the last two days and yet this last message is filled with vulgar and personal attacks. I was frankly shocked just now to read your latest entry this morning. I have tried for many months to try to convince you to end such personal attacks with various regular contributors. I simply do not understand why you will not heed my advice. I do not have the time to continue to edit vulgar language and personal attacks from these entries. I am barring you from the blog for at least a month. If you want to return, you have my email.

      This blog is not simply an effort to maintain civil discourse. It is also a blog that I use for my students to explore different legal questions and to have a bit of fun with the law by exploring the more bizarre and unexpected cases and issues. I try mightily to show that as lawyers we can discuss such issues with mutual respect and, most importantly, civility. in light of Rep. Wilson’s recent example of the loss of such civility in our society, I feel even stronger about maintaining a place on the web where adults can have reasoned (while passionate) debate.

      I also feel that I must be honest with people about Bron98. As you know, I barred Bron98 due to his use of Patty C’s identity in an entry. Over the months that followed, he apologized to Patty C and wrote me asking to rejoin the group. Various other regulars (including people who sparred with Bron98) called for his return. I recently agreed to do so, though I asked that the identity Bron98 be discarded in light of the earlier offense. I will not identify him (which he is free to do), but I did not want to hide the decision from the group.

  11. Professor,

    Would you share my email addy with Buddha.

    I will stay if you wish but I will respond to Patty C in kind.

  12. AY,

    JT has authorization to give out my e-mail address to any regular except Patty who requests it.

    I’ll leave it active for two weeks instead of shredding it tonight.

    Contact me there and I can give you a real addy.

  13. It is really sad to see Buddha leave, as I have found him to be a very intelligent, prolific and interesting contributor.

    Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities, and here unfortunately, the rules of civility, so necessary in any public place, were neither posted, nor enforced. And to see someone who was repeatedly targeted, having to leave, is really regrettable.

  14. Buddh,

    Stay please I do not understand SciFi or the need for it. However I must be living it and do not truly understand it is not real. Therefore I have not a clue. Stay for me and let’s piss Patty C off together.

    She would really go over the edge on that now wouldn’t she?

    If you leave for real contact the professor for my email addy. I would like to stay in touch.

  15. Nope.

    Any party that would allow someone like her to stay is not a party I’m interested in attending any longer. When I shut down tonight, I’m deleting the link, destroying the e-mail accounts, and moving on to where the moderator has some sense about who he lets in the door.

  16. Buddah as round and round as you and I have gone, get your butt back in the saddle man. Why can’t you just ignore. Resolve yourself into just saying thanks for the comment. You can kill people with kindness and you can stop an argument with multiple agreements. Hit the ignore button for goodness sake.

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