Till Prison Do Us Part: Man Claims Private Necessity in Robbing Bank to Escape Wife

180px-Prison_cellthumb_wedding_ringsAnthony Miller, 39, does not appear to have heard of a no-fault divorce. Caught in a joyless marriage, Miller says that he did the only thing that he could of to escape his wife: he robbed a bank and waited to be arrested.

Miller met his wife through a Christian dating Web site and the blissful couple married in 2004.

The novel defense was given this week before Pennsylvania Judge Louis Farina, who had Miller before him in the robbery of Ephrata bank in 2007. He used a BB gun. During the robbery, Miller repeatedly asked tellers during the robbery, “Did you call the police yet?” A witness said, “He wanted someone to call the police.”

He explained to Farina “[s]he was very abusive to me. I was scared. She threatened to commit suicide if I ever left her.”

During the hearing, Farina asked “His wife’s actions drove him to it? He saw this as his way out?”
“Absolutely,” Beyer responded.

What is interesting is that his attorney appears to have attempted to show that Miller’s now ex-wife is indeed a shrew and that somehow the robbery was an act of private necessity. Beyer told the court that the wife came to pick up his car after he was taken into custody and met the arresting officer who told Beyer that after 20 minutes, “I was ready for jail, too.” Yiks.

Miller was awarded 3 to 6 years of protection from his ex-wife in prison. I will assume that there will be no conjugal visit petition forthcoming from Miller.

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9 thoughts on “Till Prison Do Us Part: Man Claims Private Necessity in Robbing Bank to Escape Wife”

  1. That must be one heck of a marriage if he would rather go to prison than live with his wife. What is he going to do if he becomes someone’s “wife” in prison?

  2. The worst thing he could’ve done to her was stop caring about her. Relegating someone to insignificance seems to be great revenge. Staying away as much as possible wiil probably help him but I would have chosen a buddy’s house or a gym.

  3. Did my sister move to PA, I could have sworn that was her in the story. But I hear she is still someplace in Texas. Sorry. I could not resist.

  4. “Miller met his wife through a Christian dating Web site ”

    I stopped reading there, would’ve given him a lethal injection on the spot. This earth is just no place for losers.

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