Arizona Man Arrested After Video Shows Him Trying to Feed Kitten to Python and Then Kicking It to Death

rcoi7v86250px-Six_weeks_old_cat_(aka)Jeremy Tuffly, 28, may be the leading contender for the worst human being of the week. The Mesa, Arizona man is shown in the videotape below trying to feed a 6-week-old kitten to a python snake. After repeatedly throwing the kitten at the snake (only to have the kitten run back to him), he drop-kicks the kitten — killing it.

Tuffly is so devoid of moral or social values that he videotaped the abuse and appears to have shown it to others. One such person notified police and arrested him.

Someone should introduce him to Cheyenne Cherry, who shares his mutated sense of morality, here.

180px-Python_molurus_molurus_2For the disturbing video, click here or here.

For the full story, click here.

13 thoughts on “Arizona Man Arrested After Video Shows Him Trying to Feed Kitten to Python and Then Kicking It to Death”

  1. What a terrific example of a REAL man. More like a real BULLY! If I were a betting woman, my money is on him for being a spousal and child abuser too. Didn’t Jeffrey Dahlmer begin his career as an animal abuser as well. Yep, this guy needs some “time out” and some anger management classes. Add a dose of manners, with a respect for life also, so he can get a well-rounded education. In all my years on the force, it never ceased to amaze me what a human being could do to another human being, but to intentionally and deliberately kill a defenseless kitten takes sociapathy to a whole different level. I feel sorry for you Mr. Tuffly….You are a very sad example of the human race.

  2. so called normal human being, you are a worthless piece of shit. The man took joy in brutally killing something. the fact that you have no problem with it means that you are also a worthless cunt.
    I hope I never meet you, because I shouldn’t be responsible for the baseball bat I’d smash into your useless face.

  3. Wow you people are stupid so what he killed a cat. what do you think you did when you were kids with your bb gun killing birds? you must be a complete dip shit to want to send some one to jail for killing an animal?..if anything he did society a favor cats are over populated and are a menace.i dont care if it was gonna be eaten its the cycle of life get over it cruel or fucked up but anyone who finds the idea of animal eating another fucked up must have a few screws lose..yah he could have fed it something else who cares one less cat that wont repopulate…i see nothing wrong with this.

    so anyone who has a problem go hide your head in your ass no one wants to hear it.

  4. Unthinking cruelty.

    The Mothership left me here.

    That’s got to be the explanation.

    There was an emergency and I was left behind with the humans. Maybe I’m in exile because my real parents were rebels. Maybe they forgot I was here.

    This isn’t my species. It can’t be . . .

    50 y.o. Minneapolis man charged with killing a 14 m.o. baby girl in church with a baseball bat over a dispute with her father.

    Over $20 and a washer and dryer.

    The story ends with the killer’s wife saying claiming “he didn’t see the baby, and that once he realized what happened wanted to kill himself.”

    I’m sure you could persuade his guards to look the other way.

    I’m not joking even a little bit.

    I really wish my ride would come back now. As much as I love the good company here, this port ‘o call is ceasing to be amusing. Some days the world seems little more than an abattoir. No one gets out alive, but no little baby needs to go like that.

    For $20 and a washer and dryer.

    Pardon my language, but WTF?

    That doesn’t break my heart. That stains my soul. It makes me want to be any place else but here, any time but now, any thing other than human.

    I need to take a shower.

  5. Arizona huh? Is he from Steve Anderson’s church? Remember, they dont believe killing the President and gays is murder. Maybe cats are on their list too.

  6. Well if he does go away, he will get a mighty python and if he does not take it, I am sure that he would be dropped kicked as well.

  7. Lock him up and throw away the key, before he decides to practice his hobbies on humans.

  8. I’d take a Biblical approach to this humanitarian:

    “Ask [or do] what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.”

    –John 15:7

  9. This guy deserves some down time behnd bars. Maybe his fellow residents can feed him to one of the carnivores in Jail. This guy is sick and does not belong to be walking among the free.

  10. My oh my.

    If it isn’t the FOXNews prime demographic.

    This clown better be glad he only got arrested. I know people who would have gone stark raving mad on him for showing them that. I myself would have been sorrily tempted to feed HIM to the python.

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