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  1. “You inject some sorely needed sanity and logic which just baffles the mind, heart and spirit.” (LOL) The quote is from my previous post. Please accept my apologies. Would you believe I’ve been and English teacher in one form or another for 10 years? Normally, I would use this as an example with my students on what bad writing looks like. My only excuse is I was up all night, in extreme pain, and was on the computer to distract myself.

    What I MEANT to say: You provide some sorely needed sanity and logic DURING A PERIOD IN OUR NATION’S HISTORY WHICH BAFFLES THE MIND, HEART AND SPIRIT.

    Thank you for pointing out the error. You are remarkably patient. I will take extra care when posting anywhere.

    I will search your site for an appropriate place to discuss HR756, The Pain Relief Act of 2009, which is vital to the well-being of the chronic pain community, for people like myself.

    Again, lo siento, Professor!

  2. Thank you Professor Turley. And a second thank you to AY.

    What a lift after a difficult day.

    This blog is a bright light in the darkness.

  3. Adorable. I especially like the penguins. I signed up for Digg for the first time and the things people are writing about the recent resignation, and the deification of Glenn Beck–very depressing. I did find Alternet, there, but this video chilled me right out.
    This is about families, but did you know that lobster families while traveling, hold each others’, well, claws. If a lobster can manage that with another, seemingly dangerous yet loving expression, one would hope that our country will survive these perilous times.
    Professor, I have you in my reader and blog, and soon on my website. I love your visits with Keith and Rachel. You inject some sorely needed sanity and logic which just baffles the mind, heart and spirit. Thank you so much for your great work. I’ve worked with MANY lawyers in Boston, both at Suffolk U. Law and Harvard. I do miss Larry Tribe, but you more than make up for his relative absence. Thanks again.

  4. Why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends. I feell a need for a YouTube coming up and it ain’t war.

  5. Professor, great photos! Too bad Democrats and Republicans don’t have the superior intellect required to get along for mutual benefit.

  6. The first photo looks natural, the second one on the other hand looks, eh…. too human, however, I like the way ears show on the second photo. The winner? The first one, because kities are cute too.

  7. Both photos are good, but I really like the second one (sorry kitty). It has a kinda Taoist/Zen appeal to it. I wonder if the dogs are named Yin and Yang?

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