Making Sarkozy’s Short List: French President Seeks Citizens Who Can Measure Up

210px-Jacques-Louis_David_017180px-Nicolas_Sarkoky_Bastille_Day_2008_n2-SarkoIt is well-known that French President Nicolas Sarkozy is a bit sensitive about being 5′ 5” tall. He often stands on his toes for pictures or uses a box. He has, however, come up with a new idea. If you can make yourself taller, you can make the world smaller. Reporters have learned that for a recent speech at the Faurecia motor technology plant near Caen in Normandy, Sarkozy’s people rounded up any workers shorter than the president (no easy task) to stand behind him. The result was the new towering Sarkozy — a giant among his Lilliputian workers.

Napoleon Bonaparte was actually taller than Sarkozy by two inches at 5 feet, 7 inches. That raises the intriguing question of whether Napoleon actually had a “Sarkozy Complex.”

Here is an actual tape of Sarkozy’s appearance in a diplomatic event:

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14 thoughts on “Making Sarkozy’s Short List: French President Seeks Citizens Who Can Measure Up”

  1. Laughing at this B.S.,

    Awwwww, did I hurt ‘um your widdle feelins with my joke about Mr. Scientology and cinematography?

    What part of “MOVIE HEROICS” didn’t you get? Besides all of it.

    Napoleon was a real hero (in addition to other less savory things).

    He was also a notoriously obnoxious fit throwing short little prick bastard.

    So get a sense of humor, you little snot.

    Because as bad as short people suck, humorless people suck even worse.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Drinking and knitting has claimed more lives than the average American suspects.


  3. Mespo,
    My secret is out. I did give deGaulle that nose,however, it wasn’t from a fight. It was from the drinks I poured as his official bartender.

  4. “How else can you explain 4′3″ Tom Cruise looking heroic?”

    True heroism has absolutely nothing to do with height. The very thought that height = power or heroic stature is man made fiction that unfortunately has seeped into the perceptions of society over the generations.

    People who buy into the whole ridiculous concept are doing s nothing more than feeding their poor self esteem with a false belief.

    I’ve seen small children who were braver than grown men–men who cowered in the face of adversity and impending death while the children comforted them and told them it would be OK.

    Keep perpetuating these stereotypes and you declare the thing that you are: a foolish and a pitiful soul.

  5. rafflaw:

    You are too modest. I understand you and De Gaulle used to tangle quite regularly. Where do you think he got that bulbous nose? 🙂

  6. One good thing about being short is that I was usually faster than most of the bullies. However, I cannot claim that I was attacked by a future President of France.

  7. So why is it that all of the guys in High School who picked fights with me were at least four inches shorter? Some of them beat the hell out of me too, while others had friends who helped. As I expostulated in another thread: Think of humanity in terms of the society of Great Apes. Where humans changed the equation the real power became brains not muscle.

    1. Let me get this straight, Mike. Sarkozy beat you up in high school? Pleeeaaaase tell me it was for asking a young Carla Bruni to the prom.

  8. It also work for ugly people and the over weight. That’s why I only hangout with ugly, obese people.

  9. AY,

    Actually, I did. I’m not just a film geek. I went through a phase as a teen where I wanted to be a stop-motion animator. Had 8mm and 16mm cameras, lights, built armatures, poured latex, the whole deal. If I’d lived closer to the film industry back in the day, I might have gone the Stan Winston route. Forced perspective is an old cinematography trick – one of the very first special effects, before sound even.

    How else can you explain 4’3″ Tom Cruise looking heroic?

    Other than Xenu’s Intervention of course.

  10. Oh so that is why he has to prove his virility. He is a short little _____, now I know. I have yet to see a photo with his hand inside of his breast pocket. Even Santa Ana did this. Maybe it was staged as well, who knows.

    I did read somewhere that all of the original actors were less that 5′ 5″. That made it easier to stage all of the scenes. They were known to have taped show from the ground up so that they would look taller. Think Yellow Brick Road. Yeah Buddha that directed at you.

    Then came along Desilu Productions, imagine three whole cameras, catching shots from all sides. Never knew that did ya.

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