Police Officer Finds Missing Cat, Takes It To a Field, Shoots It In the Head, and Throws It In the Trash

MurderedCat_al_METRO_091009_067f_09-11-2009_B31BG07F.embedded.prod_affiliate.81Police in Raymore, Missouri have a curious way to recovering missing pets. When 19-year-old Tobey disappeared on Labor Day, she was eventually found by a police officer. However, since it did not have a tag, the dispatcher ordered the officer to take the cat directly to a field and “put him down.”

The officer took Tobey to a field and shot him twice in the head. The cat was then thrown into a bag and dumped in the trash.

Police insist that they believe the cat might be diseased or feral.

Tobey was without claws and weighed only 6 pounds.

City Manager Eric Berlin told the mayor and council members that the city might want to review its policy on euthanizing animals. That might be a good idea. Most modern cities do not carry out such procedures in nearby fields with firing squads.

Police chief Roger Mayberry wrote to the owners that “[a]s for the final disposition of your pet, let me say that I, too, would have preferred a different method.”

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27 thoughts on “Police Officer Finds Missing Cat, Takes It To a Field, Shoots It In the Head, and Throws It In the Trash”

  1. “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” –ALBERT EINSTEIN

    “Any society which does not insist upon respect for all life
    must necessarily decay.” –ALBERT EINSTEIN

    The police officers got away with it because their supervisors and City Hall LET them get away with it. The truest epitome of evil is the enjoyment of it, and those in charge look on and do NOTHING.

  2. May the officers involved rot in hell for their inhumane treatment of Toby. I have little reason to doubt that this is the only time either one of them has abused and tortured an animal or that it will be the last. R.I.P., sweet Toby. I pray your people have found some comfort in the support of people who have cried out against the tragic end to your story here on earth.

  3. Must have some underlying issues with his masculinity/sexual preference.

  4. ~~~!!UNTRUTHFUL POLICE REPORT!!~~This is even more frightening:
    This is what the police said in their reports
    (source: http://www.nbcactionnews.com/news/local/story/Family-Upset-that-Police-Shoot-Kill-Family-Pet/TsLp8dZtzkKY0AaT8YXgWg.cspx

    The police officers had written these “facts” in the police report which happens to be a LEGAL DOCUMENT used in Courts:

    POLICE REPORT: “The cat appeared to be wild”.

    Truth: The cat was 19 years old, feeble, arthritic. I don’t see how a 19 year old arthritic feeble cat can appear “wild” other than hobbling around.

    POLICE REPORT: “The cat also appeared to be sick”.

    Truth: Tobey was 19 years old cat and was remarkably elderly-like a 100+ year old grandma. And if the cat were sick and suspected rabies like law enforcement alleged, why did the cops contain the cat, drove to a field, then shot the cat in the head TWICE with enormous cold cruelty–and dispose of it in the trash rather than rule out rabies with quarantine as prescribed by health department standards.

    POLICE REPORT: “It had all four legs out with claws ON ALL FOUR FEET extended.”

    Truth: Tobey was DECLAWED.

    POLICE REPORT: “The cat was VERY LARGE and would not fit all the way into the bag.”

    Truth: Tobey only weighed 6 pounds typical of feeble old elderly cats. Trust me a six pound cat is quite thin and feeble-and SMALL.

    I though police reports were supposed to be truthful-and in my opinion this seriously casts doubt on the Police Department’s credibility with its capacity to tell the truth in their reports!! What people do to animals they LIKEWISE will do to people, perhaps based on a prejudice. Isn’t this some kind of legal and ethics violation, or are police officers exempt from being truthful on police reports. ENQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!! In my opinion this capacity to lie on police reports is an infringement of Judicial process-just in my opinion because I know nothing about law. But I would be afraid to have police officers in my town if I knew they could LIE in police reports. That would frighten me!!

    I’m just curious because I find it odd that lying on a police report isn’t even being mentioned like it’s not important.

    (1) The cat that scratched the little girl may not have been Tobey;
    (2) If it was Tobey (which was declawed), Tobey needed to be quarantined to rule out rabies per health standards;
    (3) If the girl finds out (and she probably will) that a cat was shot in the head twice due to this incident, she is going to blame herself because kids DO put blame on themselves-who knows what kind of psychological damage this could cause.

  5. You do realize after the three cops shot the cat in the head TWICE and threw the mangled cat into a trash bin, they called up the family and told them where to collect their dead cat. You think I’m joking?





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