Wife Argues With Husband So She Allegedly Runs Over . . . His Best Friend

11133938_BG1In Oklahoma, Rebekah Leigh Crouch, 27, has a curious way of preserving a relationship: she is accused of running over her husband’s best friend. Crouch believed that the friend, Mathew Dewayne Dowling, 33, was encouraging her husband to leave her so she allegedly ran him over after an argument with her husband.

Crouch and her husband had just had a fight when he stormed out. She also went outside and got into her car when she allegedly floored it — running over Dowling and leaving him with multiple skull fractures.

She is charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

This might not fit into the category of a no fault divorce.

This is not entirely unique. We have seen a woman run over allegedly because she was seen talking to a boyfriend, here. Of course, we have plenty of crimes and torts of the classic case of running over a spouse or significant other in a moment of rage, here.

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    Given the exigent and extenuating circumstances involved (okay, that is a stretch), what are the chances of a reduced charge in this case and what charge could that become? That is, if you were this beauty’s, umm, defendant’s lawyer, how would you or could you advocate for a reduced charge from the legal system?

    This is strictly my attempt to learn more about the legal system and its functioning from the brilliant legal minds herein and those occupying Prof. T’s law classes.

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