Pissed Off: Endangered Shrimp Wiped Out By Urinating Tourists

256px-Uluru_(Helicopter_view)-cropMany endangered species are threatened by industry and urban sprawl. However, tourists have made something of a statement by going to Australia’s famed Ayers Rock, or Uluru, and pissed away a rare species of shrimp, Branchinella latzi.

It appears that tourists see Uluru as something of a urinal. As a result, a small species of inland shrimp appears lost. If the cause and effect is proven, this may be the first case of extinction through urination.

Biologist Brian Timms says that it appears that the shimp living in pools near the rock has been harmed “possibly by peeing on the rock and pooing on the rock.”

Australia is now considering a ban on climbing on the rock.

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  1. I can’t shake the feeling that this is just an analogy for much of human behavior.

    Joke intended. But not really.

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