The Blair Witch Project: Former Prime Minister Warns of Atheists Among Us

225px-Tony_Blair_WEF09200px-Blair_Witch_ProjectFormer Prime Minister Tony Blair used a speech at Georgetown University to warn of the threat against the West that is growing at alarming rate. No, he wasn’t talking about terrorism, the recession, or even Swine Flu. He was talking about atheists and the menace they present to the world. Not since leaders tackled the dangers of witches in our midst has a politician sounded such an alarm. This politician happens to be the leading contender for the first “president of Europe.”

Blair sounded the alarm for all God-fearing citizens to be on the look out for atheists who he seems to portray as an equal threat as terrorists. He warned that “[w]e face an aggressive secular attack from without. We face the threat of extremism from within.” He called on religious people to unite against atheists who offer “no hope” and threaten the demise of the West. How dangerous? Just read this incredible line: “Those who scorn God and those who do violence in God’s name, both represent views of religion. But both offer no hope for faith in the twenty first century.”

“[A]n aggressive secular attack from without”? I do not recall many atheists or agnostics driving car bombs into markets or invading nations to fight for the “one and true [lack of] faith.”

Could you imagine if Blair singled out a faith for such analogies to terrorism? There are millions of atheists around the world who simply do not believe in God. Yet you have one of the world’s leaders calling for a united campaign against them and calling their beliefs a danger to mankind.

The only question is whether Blair will be stopping in Albuquerque to join City Councilor Don Harris at the front lines against the atheist hoard, here.
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  1. While Tony’s rant against atheists is totally uncalled for and absolutely ridiculous (assuming this blog is accurate, I haven’t checked it out), it is equally ridiculous to say that no one has been harmed by atheism. You forget Communist Russia and China as well as many of the eastern European countries that were part of the Soviet Union. Many Christians were killed for practicing their faith in opposition to state law. It is not religion that kills people. It is any ideology that is united with the power of the state that causes oppression and harm. That is why many Christians are strong supporters of separation of church and state.

  2. “I cannot see where [Christianity] has hurt anyone.” – California Girl.

    That is because you refuse to see. You should feel convicted over that. Read this:

    And the “most vile” atheists that you say are attacking your godly idols and symbols are actually members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation which works to enforce the seperation of church and state which was guaranteed to us in the constitution. For years fundamentalist and evangelical christians have been working an agenda to establish Christianity as our national religion and to turn us into a theocracy. A lot of us are tired of that crap, even a lot of christians, and we don’t really care if you like it or not. Christians never care if we like it or not when they erect their religious idols in civic spaces.

    Really, aren’t you embarrassed to sound so ignorant?

  3. Whenever an evagelical simpleton tells me that i am going to hell for being an atheist, I simply tell him/her that”I’m looking forward to it because I’ll be the one who picks their punishment when You get there you hypocritical SOB.”

  4. a person who is confident and happy with his religion does not need to worry at all about agnostics. methinks mister blair has

    1 lost the royal marbles
    2 has some serious religous issues

    no wonder they got rid of him in britain.

  5. There is no god. There’s a rational explanation for any phenomena you encounter. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid!

  6. what an eejit. My hubby’s an xtian,, & I’m an atheist. He’s gotten into several fights over what the ‘real’ religion iis, & I have never gotten into an argument. Nobody has ever been burned alive, scalped, killed by an iron poker up the bum, ect.. in the name of atheism.

  7. Elaine M

    24 bullets is rational if one wants to alledge self defence and does not want the guy against whom one allegedly defended ones self to be around to contradict.

  8. AY,

    I guess I should have written the number 24 is rational–and that using 24 bullets can be rational…depending upon the context of their usage. In regard to the investigators–some people can rationalize anything!

    Whoever gave police officer Lloyd the job of security detail in a school should be called to account in the matter of the student who was beaten.

  9. Self Defense. Oh yeah, that was a rational killing with a rational number of bullets.

  10. AY,

    I’ve never been accused of having mathematical acumen. But I’ll give my opinion anyway regarding the number 24 in regard to the story you reference: I’d say the number of bullets, 24, was rational–but not so the investigators who found that the police officer acted in self defense.

  11. Ok Gyges,

    The answer to the next part of the subsection of part 1 was?

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