Gaza Zoo Invents the Instant Zebra

200px-Zebra_portraitThe Gaza zoo had a problem. They were missing two things: zebras and the money to buy them. The solution came in the form of some masking tape, paint, and two confused donkeys.

Nidal Barghouthi, the son of the owner of the Marah Land zoo, said the two female donkeys had to go a couple times into makeup before they were ready from their close up. However, he insisted “[t]he children don’t know so they call them zebras and they are happy to see something new.”

He noted that the cost problems are due to the Israeli blockade of Gaza. It turns out that using one of the smuggling tunnels is really expensive when you are transporting zebras underground. It drives the cost up to $40,000 a zebra. However, they can now advertise: “Masking tape: $3; Paint: $5 . . . instant Zebra: priceless.”

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7 thoughts on “Gaza Zoo Invents the Instant Zebra”

  1. Goo Goo Dolls’ John Rzeznik sings in the rain,
    “They painted up your secrets…”

  2. I understand they are shipping them off to the Creationist Museum in the states when the paint wears off. The curator here wants to use them as examples of de-evolution. One farce deserves another.

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