Potty Mouth Police: Kansas Man Arrested for Using Bad Language With Another Driver

nicubunu_open_mouthMike Shahrokhi, 43, of Leawood, Kansas has been charged with disorderly conduct after using the word f— in an argument with another driver. He may now spend 30 days for his potty mouth.

The argument began while driving and ended up in a convenience store parking lot where Shahrokhi let loose with some bad language. He explained “I pull up along side him, and essentially told him that I had intercourse with his daughter from behind, and she liked it.” Rather than responding with the customary “so’s your mother,” the driver called police.

Could you imagine that call coming in to a New York police dispatcher? He would offer various suggested retorts involving farm animals and close relatives.

Mike Nolan admits that he was giving as good as he got but kept it decent: “After what he said about my mother and my daughter, it got me a little outraged.”

In Overland, the police send a cruiser and arrest the man for using offensive, obscene or abusive language to arouse alarm, anger or resentment in others.

Jim Weaver, of the OPPD, insists that “It wasn’t just one word.” That would suggest a profanity version of the common law “one-free-bite rule” for dogs. You get one-free-swear-word in Overland. Two presumably gets you a warning. Three gets you jail time.

Shahrokhi added “I can’t imagine the F-bomb warrants 30 days but I don’t know. It’s Overland Park.”

These cases raise serious constitutional questions of free speech and vagueness, here and here.

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6 thoughts on “Potty Mouth Police: Kansas Man Arrested for Using Bad Language With Another Driver”

  1. Reminds me of when I drove Cab in Boston 20 years ago and would scream “Hey Buddy you drive like old people F#@%!”Now that I am 20 years older it seems less funny”.But here we have the nexus between political correctness on the right and how it negates personal freedom.Lucky he didn’t get charged with assault and civilly for “trauma”.Like Jericho said in a sense”grow up”.Wonder if he will appeal and maybe get some high power help from A.C.L.U?

  2. Kansas has left the planet years ago when it comes to reasonableness. It joined the planet that is controlled by the religious right so that it could spend more time with Texas, Florida and others in usurping the constitutional rights of Americans in order to follow the Bible and the Bible alone. Good luck to Kansas. They will need it.

  3. To say this is nonsense it to give it more credence than it deserves. There were no physical assaults involved. Why did this deserve a ticket, much less a potential jail stay. What is it about this community that would make one of its’ prosecutors waste court time on a case like this? The officer should have arrived, heard their stories and told them both to “Knock it off and leave each others company.” End of story and end of incident. I suspect that there is a backstory in here someplace that would make this stupidity clearer.

  4. lmao

    As George Carlin and Lewis Black would say, there’s no such thing as bad language. Just 7 words, baby. Deal with ’em.

  5. Buddha,

    Where art thou. You people from Kansas have issues with people using the F-word? Humm, me thinks your state might need some ethnic sensitivity training. This does does include ethnic cleansing as you are aware this does not comport with the Geneva Convention. Oh what the hell does that have to do with anything, not in W’s America at least. For the rest of the world it does.

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