Iranians Round Up Satanists (aka Westernized Teens)

250px-flag_of_iransvgI guess Black Sabbath will skip that tour in Iran. The Iranian government has arrested a dozen people for “promoting satanism” through underground music and “blasphemous video clips.” Fortunately, the Obama Administration recently supported a resolution supporting Muslim countries in establishing a “balancing” of free speech and respect for religion, here.

Iran has promised to prosecute “indecent Western-inspired movements” such as rappers. Last May, 104 “devil worshippers” were arrested at one party alone.

It appears that the “church lady” (known as the Mosque lady in Iran) has been enlisted by the Iranian police to look for satanism in popular culture:

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4 thoughts on “Iranians Round Up Satanists (aka Westernized Teens)”

  1. Given the Fundamentalist’s aims in the US, we are really closer to this model of governance than we think.

  2. SNL. Not the same since the first 5 seasons. WHEN THINGS WERE funny or may they just seemed that way.

    I guess K.I.S.S. would be banned too as I learned that this really means Knights In Satanic Service.

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