Church of Scientology Accused of Hampering Criminal Inquiry in Australia

488px-scientology_symbolsvgIn light of today’s conviction of the Church of Scientology in France, this story from Australia may be of interest. The Church is being accused of actively subverting an investigation into the death of Australian private Edward Alexander McBride. The Church allegedly ordered that McBride’s “auditing file” be sent to the United States before the arrival of a warrant from coroner John Lock.

McBride had completed a $25,000 Scientology course shortly killing himself. The Church refused to supply evidence to the coroner in a case that many are analogizing to other cases like that of Lisa McPherson where the Church resisted demands for information.

Coroner John Lock found that “something unusual happened” to McBride and wanted to see his file. Shortly before his death, Church members repeatedly called him on his cell phone and sent text and voice messages mentioning an “audit” and “LRH” – a reference to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Australian Church of Scientology spokeswoman Vicki Dunstan said the audit file was returned to the “mother church” in the US and would not be of any use to investigators.

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11 thoughts on “Church of Scientology Accused of Hampering Criminal Inquiry in Australia”

  1. Dredd,
    I actually heard Hubbard speak a few times in the radio in NYC when he was starting up Scientology. The man was pure huckster and it was all about the money. I don’t think he had Colbert’s wit or his charm. Stephen, though could get very rich doing his stchick, but I think he has those terrible things, scruples.

  2. Mike Spindell,

    Your post made me wonder if Hubbard may have been the first Stephen Colbert … a faux religionist just playing a trick that was figured out way too late to stop it?

    I mean they both formed nations for heaven sake …

    Colbert For President !!! Viva the Colbert Nation !!

  3. Hubbard, a Sci-fi writer borrowed heavily from the book by Turkish “philosopher” Georges Gurdjieff “Beezlebub’s Tales to His Grandson.” Gurdjieff had built a following that was added to by another pseudo-philosopher named Ouspensky. Same game of giving inner knowledge, ordering around followers and relieving them of their money, just not as successful. Hubbard added that dose of American hype that made it into a real moneymaker. I knew about all this because my ex-wife’s best friend was in such a group and they tried to recruit my ex-wife. Read their stuff at the time and was not impressed. Although Gurdjieff’s “Meetings With Remarkable Men” was a very good read.

  4. nal wrote:

    A$25,000? That’s a lot of money for a private.

    It sure is. Supposedly, once you’ve taken the bait, the organization will “work with you” to get outside loans to cover the fees for their “services” – like calling your credit card companies to get them to up your limits. After all, once you’ve “resolved the issues that are holding you back” you’ll be happy and wealthy and you’ll be able to pay off the tens of thousands of dollars, right?

    This guy wouldn’t be the first person to get deep, deep in debt to hand money over to the organization and then commit suicide.

    As for the claim that the “auditing” records “would not be of any use to investigators,” I seem to remember that once the records for Lisa McPherson were disclosed, they revealed a great deal of important information about her condition and her declining health at the organization’s facility.

    One can only hope that in the Australian system there are criminal consequences for this type of interference in an investigation.

  5. The Book of Mormon could have been written by Hubbard. They ought to be careful how much more blood-money they pour across state lines in their pernicious effort to deny the rights of citizens. They can be sued out of existence as well.

    A cult is a cult is a cult.

  6. “Australian Church of Scientology spokeswoman Vicki Dunstan said the audit file was returned to the “mother church” in the US and would not be of any use to investigators.”

    All abusers act the same. The Catholic church sent the files and the priests back to Rome for that reason. The govt. keeps evidence of war crimes from the light of day citing the same reasoning.

  7. Homo Novis. My.


    Tom Cruise is no more evolved than George Bush. Ain’t that a bitch?

    But that false feeling of superiority they share and the irrational belief systems they insist on forcing upon others?

    That’s not Homo Novis. That’s Homo Redactum.

    Yeah, Scientoligists are an evolutionary shift alright, but their movement on the slope runs downhill just like the Fundies.

  8. If you are willing we will fleece you closer than a sheep. If you are willing ti die for LRH then you are good enough for me.

  9. Scientologists believe they are literally higher beings (homo novis) so they justify about any illegality to further their cause (of removing all non-homonovus from the planet). Have your own beliefs, but you must cooperate with civil society.

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