The Trouble With Ewoks: Al Roker Assaulted on Today Show

The dangers of drunk Ewoks is a little known danger for costume parties. However, the Today Show became the unwitting focus of inebriated Ewoks, including Al Roker who appears have a claim for sexual assault.

Ewoks too often are treated as cute denizens of a far off planet. What is less known is the criminal side of this species, including the Ewokefia — the organized crime syndicate of Ewoks big in the rackets and narcotics trades.

They are not some fluffy space characters as Predator learned recently:

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  1. Ok, so what are his damages? Need something more than what I saw. I’d say fergit about it. Now of that was a picture of the Aryan Youth Leader I mean Pope Benedict the XVI then I would have not felt this way.

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