The Abused Devout Woman Defense? New York Muslim Woman Tries to Kill Husband For Forcing Her To Eat Pork and Wear Short Skirts

150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenNew York prosecutors are dealing with an attempted honor killing of a different sort. We have been following such cases on this blog, but Rabia Sarwar, 37, may be category unto herself after she allegedly slit her husband’s throat after he forced by her to eat pork, wear short skirts and drink alcohol slashed.

Born in Pakistan, Sarwar used a kitchen knife to try to kill Seikh Naseem while he slept. The high school teacher woke being attack and allegedly hearing Sarwar screaming “It’s time for you to die!”

She has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and insists that her husband’s sacrilegious practices constitute abuse. The defense is a religiously based abused woman syndrome claim: “He made me do so many things that are against Islam. I did all that just to make him happy but inside me there was a war.”

She admits that her husband’s survival was not for lack of trying on her part: “I did my best to cut his throat. But the next moment he jumped on me and grabbed me.”

Her husband was no longer religious and, to make matters worse for her, one of his favorite writers was Salman Rushdie.

For the full story, click here and here.

12 thoughts on “The Abused Devout Woman Defense? New York Muslim Woman Tries to Kill Husband For Forcing Her To Eat Pork and Wear Short Skirts”

  1. To Sourbelt- just made yourself look silly.
    You said since when it is westernized to force someone?
    Did i say anywhere that one has to be forced.
    I said..Rabia will only do what she has learned. She is not conditioned to be any thing or do anything different from her religious beliefs. She had no right to lash back at her husband.
    It probably was something that triggered her at that moment to act the way she did.
    Many people do things that they were not suppose to they say in society terms. But when one does then.. you pay for the crime.
    There are many woman in the united states..who are not moslem, but are forced to do stuff by their husbands. Think about it.It happens everywhere. So dont try to show that you and your Fellow Americans are civilized. Because here uncivilization going on in America. This was just a issue that came out, since she is from another place. Tell me how many are not out?..- Dont try to be oversmart, those who do fall in the ditch first.

  2. She did the right thing. I am just sorry she didn’t decapitate him, cause that’s what that pig deserved obviously.

  3. yeah right,

    I guess that comment is directed to me.

    I assumed they married back in Pakistan, so she can get a divirce there.

  4. In the USA there is something called separation of church and state, which means that religions and legal procedures shall not
    mix (ever). The woman charged will be facing legal procedures, only. The burden of proof lays upon her defense attorney, and his/her strategy as part of the defense.
    It is immaterial, and irrelevant, whether they/she can obtain a divorce under any religious law in another country; I doubt very
    much that the husband would contest a divorce under any circumstances! I’m just glad that there aren’t any children involved.

  5. He deliberately wanted to weaken her religious beliefs, apparently to make her more “fun”?

    I sympathize with her, though divorce would have been a better course of action, methinks. Islam actually would make it very easy for her to obtain divorce in such a case, since her husband owuld not longer be considered a Muslim, and besides would be regarded as abusive towards her and her faith.

  6. They’ve been married a very short time, I wonder if he brought her here from her native country. I’m not buying the abused wife story, I believe it was her alibi; orchestrated from the beginning.

    I knew someone supposedly saintly and devout, quiet spoken, and incredibly humble; yet her husband wasn’t out of the home for a month and she was already looking for a new husband/lover/boyfriend. The same woman wouldn’t wear a bathing suit so as not
    to show her legs in public!

    It all boils down to he said she said, and covering yourself from head toe doesn’t make you honest, or faithful.

  7. I think its a bit silly to think that making someone eat pig and wear a certain garment is enough justification for attempting to take another human life. Yes, it is a abuse to force someone to do anything.
    I do not think its an excuse to attempt to murder your husband over pork pr apparel. Religion is sacred, but it is no excuse for attempted murder. However, I do agree if she was forced into blaspheming her religion it does constitute abuse, but it does not condone murder. I hope she is prosecuted to the full extent of CIVIL law.

  8. hey sonia, forcing your wife to eat something that she doesn’t like, and forcing someone to give up their beliefs, or forcing a woman to wear skanky short skirts isn’t “western”. since when is it “western” to force women to do something?

  9. Rabia is devout Muslim. She has never been exposed to any kind of modern life style. Her husband may have had and has adopted the American way of life. Rabia needs help. And her husband needs to marry a woman who has his kind of thinking.

  10. Sounds like justified homicide to me. If one belies anothers “Seriously held religious beliefs” then they too are as contemptible as the contemptor.

    A person religion gives neither the right to force or oppose a belief. I have no right to taunt a fellow Jew or a catholic by eating swine on a Friday. If it is found offensive then something must be remiss either in them or my actions.

    In the same likeness if he forced her to eat pork, wear short skirts and drink alcohol then something more was wrong than the marriage.

    As I have said before, “I would give nothing for a mans religion whose dog is not the very better for it.” Author Unknown

  11. This is not an occasion for murder but it is an example of abuse. A husband has no right to force his wife to eat anything, whether connected to religious law or not. Spouses do not own one another. In this case her husband used male dominance as a weapon against his wife, forcing her to do something she did not want to do. That is abuse.

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