Baby Trafficking: Police Arrest Doctors and Nurses in Baby Selling Syndicate

180px-BabyWe have another horrific baby-selling conspiracy. Previously such a scheme was uncovered in China, here. Now, a similar scheme has been uncovered in Mexico City where staff told mothers at the Central West Hospital that their babies died and were cremated — only to sell them to wealthy couples.

The scheme was uncovered after a woman gave birth by ceasaran section and was told in October 2008 that her baby had to be taken to another hospital where it died. In fact the baby was sold for 15,000 pesos.

The police have arrested the woman who bought the baby as well as three doctors, a nurse, and a receptionist.

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13 thoughts on “Baby Trafficking: Police Arrest Doctors and Nurses in Baby Selling Syndicate”

  1. what about the nuns in ireland kidnapping babies to sell in america so economics has nothing to do with that but when those that are there to up hold the standard of morals think selling babies is ok it says alot about the state of the world we live in

  2. Puzzling:

    you definitely are not a conservative and you certainly don’t advocate liberal economic policies. What philosophy do you adhere to? You definitely have a unified philosophical outlook on everything I have read that you have written.

    Libertarian comes to mind as does the hated “she devil”. Or is there some other basis for your thinking?

  3. Byron,

    Yes – I agree with you that there are more abortions as a result of the government limits on compensation to biological parents. Many would otherwise choose to deliver the child and give it up for adoption.

    Thank you for the question. I see the power of government as particularly dangerous to children and view its application with real skepticism. From protecting outrageous assaults on children by parents (under the guise of discipline and parental rights) to coerced participation in poorly run government educational systems, many government policies are clearly harmful to children. Sadly, many fail to see that less government may in fact be part of the long-term solutions for these problems.

  4. Puzzling:

    so what you are saying is that government, through a manipulation of market forces, is responsible for abortion?

    You may be on to something there, if you can get $10,000 – $20,000 or more for a baby or pay $500 to $1,000 for an abortion what would most people do? I am guessing they would have the child and put it up for adoption.

    However at some point the price of babies would come down as market forces increased supply.

    So by interfering with market forces government has actually and unwittingly increased the number of abortions.

    Puzzling where do you come up with this stuff? You sir/madam are a real thinker.

  5. Governments routinely force the compensation given to biological parents for “giving up” their children to zero. This intervention by government has serious consequences that are rarely debated.

    This government policy stops a mother from receiving compensation even if she believes it is in both the interest of herself, her child, and the adoptive parents to relinquish her custody of the child.

    As a result there will always be a shortage of children to adopt. Biological parents who would otherwise be incentivized to give up children they may not want have this incentive stripped away by government.

    It is this government policy that has created a vicious and growing black market for children, and draconian and absurd tests (like tests on sexual orientation) on prospective adoptive parents.

    Government policy limiting compensation in adoptions risks the lives of children, harms mothers, and denies children to willing, qualified parents.

  6. This is a horrible story. The doctors and nurses that were involved in this should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The hard part will be dealing with the children who have been raised by parents other than their biological parents.

  7. Elaine M.,


    Glad you’re around to answer my rhetorical questions. BYT, one wouldn’t want to forget Vlad the Impaler!”

    Ok, stealing the fat mans line: One lives to be of service.
    Me: rhetorical questions answered: First Answer is free. In the future, I prefer an hourly rate as opposed to a contingency fee agreement in matter such as these.

    Now one would not want to forget other minor leaders such as John Gotti, Dalhmer, Bundy, the Roman Catholic Church, The Roman Empire, etc.

  8. Elaine M.,

    How evil can a human get?

    Me think’s you are not really a schoolmarm. You have heard of Stalin, Hilter? Bush and Cheney?

    The above was meant only as humor and I understand what was stated.

  9. To think that doctors and a nurse would be involved in the stealing and selling of newborns–is almost too terrible to imagine. How evil can a human get?

  10. WOW,

    Am I still stoned after all these years? Nah, I am not in Somalia but still the same. Did someone hit me in the head with a rock or board, this just does not make any sense.

    Selling baby’s this way is just plum crazy.

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