Canadian Judge Finds Catholic Bishop Thwarted Investigation of Abusive Priest

240px-Bishop_Pates'_OrdinationA Canadian judge made a disturbing finding in the sentencing of Father Bernard Cloutier who was convicted of abusing young boys. The judge heard evidence that retired Bishop Gérard Dionne thwarted a 1983 police investigation into Cloutier’s sexual abuse.

We have seen similar allegations against Church officials in past cases, here. However, the church appears to be pushing back at the allegations plaguing the Church, here and here.

Other accused priests are engaging in their own revisionism, here

The father of one of the victims testified that he, his wife, and parents of another victim were meeting with police when Bishop Dionne and Father Cloutier arrived uninvited and the bishop intervened to thwart the investigation. When Cloutier tried to speak, Dionne told him to alleged “shut up” and then insisted on speaking to the boys alone. After the meeting, the boys refused to bring a criminal complaint after speaking privately with Dionne.

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6 thoughts on “Canadian Judge Finds Catholic Bishop Thwarted Investigation of Abusive Priest”

  1. Mr. Turley I have a great respect for your legal expertise and even more than that your stand on law and order and I would appeal to you to look into another far bigger dirty secret of the Catholic Church than the sexual abuse of boys that has gone unreported and unprosecuted and covered up for decades. Over a decade ago the Vatican was informed of wide spread rape and sexual abuse of Nuns by the priests and Bishops and yet two successive Popes have done nothing but covered up the abuse. It is reported that as much as 40% of Nuns allege to have been raped and sexually abused by the Priests and Bishops and yet there has been so little attention paid to them. I have reported these crimes against nature at the National Post and that has upset one of the key apologists of the Catholic Church who calls himself Father Tim and my comments have been systematically removed and I have been silenced. So much for the freedom that National Post, a Canadian newspaper advocates. I hope and pray that you will look into this injustice.

  2. Perhaps systematic abuse in the RCC is not a defect, but actually a feature.

    In May 2008 I wrote:

    “Is this not the same religious institution that created a modern army of pedophiles, and sought to obscure their crimes? Is this not the same institution that condemns use of condoms as a moral offense, while millions die of AIDS after abstinence miseducation? Is this not the same institution that enslaved girls in the Magedelene Laundries for decades in Ireland? The same institution that would rather see children in orphanages than facilitate adoption to gay parents, all the while plying donations from the poorest across the world… as the media covers what wine is fit to be served the leader of this cult?”

  3. Mike,
    I think the Bishop broke the law for both of the reasons that you listed. The Church is still fighting that “dirty little secret” even though it isn’t a secret anymore. Many Bishops in the US have done the same thing that this Canadian Bishop is accused of doing and they are still hoodwinking the American Catholics.

  4. I say screw him, but that has already happened. At least now we know the church cannot blow this one under the rug.

  5. That this was wrong is irrefutable. The question is were the Bishop’s actions motivated by money (i.e. tort awards or drops in revenue), by cover up of embarrassing material, or because such abuse has been a widespread feature of the Catholic Priesthood. A “dirty little secret” if you will. What those of us from the outside of the RCC can’t understand is the cynicism and blatant immorality of the practice and the widespread cover up. The seeming rigors and denials of Priesthood should bespeak someone who is deeply committed to the tenets of their faith and yet this ongoing issue suggests quite the opposite. After all a Borgia was once Pope.

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