Form Follows Function: Columbia Professor Arrested for Punching Female University Employee

lionelMcintyre-1160px-Cu-shieldWell-known Columbia architecture professor Lionel McIntyre, 59, was arrested yesterday in a Harlem bar after punching a female university employee, Camille Davis, in the face at a Harlem bar. The argument was over race relations (McIntyre is black and Davis is white) and the two got into an argument over “white privilege.”

This certainly adds a new meaning to C.A.D. architect.

McIntyre is the director of the Urban Technical Assistance Program (UTAP).

Davis works as a production manager in the school’s theater department and, like McIntyre is a regular at Toast, a popular university bar. Mac, as the professor is known, first shoved Davis and then, as others tried to intervene, he slugged her.

When another patron yelled, “You don’t hit a woman,” McIntyre allegedly threw a punch at him and missed. Another man said that McIntyre hit him as well and had become angry because he was accusing everyone of not doing enough about “white privilege.”

The punch left Davis with a black eye. McIntyre stated after his arraignment that “it was a very unfortunate event.” Now, that is a restrained response under the circumstances.

Notably, McIntyre’s bio heralds his work on the “People to People Friendship Delegation” to the People’s Republic of China. Some things appear lost in translation.

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