Form Follows Function: Columbia Professor Arrested for Punching Female University Employee

lionelMcintyre-1160px-Cu-shieldWell-known Columbia architecture professor Lionel McIntyre, 59, was arrested yesterday in a Harlem bar after punching a female university employee, Camille Davis, in the face at a Harlem bar. The argument was over race relations (McIntyre is black and Davis is white) and the two got into an argument over “white privilege.”

This certainly adds a new meaning to C.A.D. architect.

McIntyre is the director of the Urban Technical Assistance Program (UTAP).

Davis works as a production manager in the school’s theater department and, like McIntyre is a regular at Toast, a popular university bar. Mac, as the professor is known, first shoved Davis and then, as others tried to intervene, he slugged her.

When another patron yelled, “You don’t hit a woman,” McIntyre allegedly threw a punch at him and missed. Another man said that McIntyre hit him as well and had become angry because he was accusing everyone of not doing enough about “white privilege.”

The punch left Davis with a black eye. McIntyre stated after his arraignment that “it was a very unfortunate event.” Now, that is a restrained response under the circumstances.

Notably, McIntyre’s bio heralds his work on the “People to People Friendship Delegation” to the People’s Republic of China. Some things appear lost in translation.

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  1. John.

    When a black person uses the word “nigger” he is not doing so from a position of power relative to the person he addresses that comes merely from his skin colour.

    When Niggers use the N-word they are perhaps trying to desensitize themselves to its painful effects.

    When Niggers refer to themselves as “Niggers” they are in fact high lighting the most important determinant of the misery of their lives, the fact that white people do not see them as humans with dark skin, but as untermenchen who are inherently stupid, untrustworthy, immoral and evil and who need to be imprisoned as soon as a pretext can be found.

    If you want to understand this I suggest you watch the TV series “The Wire” or buy Nate Blakeslee’s book on the 1999 2000 Tulia cocaine busts “Tulia: Race, Cocaine, and Corruption in a Small Texas Town”

  2. Mike:

    I like anyone who has the means to tell someone to go to hell in such a way as they look forward to the trip. 🙂

  3. Carlyle Moulton:

    I’ll be the devil’s advocate, ok. I would like to read your explanation as to why is ok for some African American’s to refer to each other as a “nigger,” but not the other races?

  4. One of the problems with racism is that those who do not experience it themselves are incapable of believing how powerful it is and how much damage it can do to those who do experience it. White people look at the dysfunction of black America and think “surely all of this cannot be due to whitey being racist, surely some of it has to be the inherent racial inferiority of blacks”. One cannot really blame white people for this. It takes something like sensitization techniques developed by Jane Elliott to make someone who is a benificiary of white privilege just how demoralizing it is to be on the wrong side of a racial power imbalance.

  5. Jill.

    I did not say that I was excusing Mr Mcintyre’s hitting the woman.

    Male privilege exists and the fact that you are aware of it may give you at least a little understanding of how black people see white privilege.

    One aspect of white privilege is illustrated by this case. Were Mcintyre white his attack on the woman would not be seen as proof that all white men are thin skinned, belligerent and misogynist thugs, but since he is black it will reinforce the perception among most white people that most black men are exactly that.

    The most significant aspect of white privilege is that cases of white criminality ranging from that of Bernie Madoff to that of Ted Bundy do not in any way create the impression that white people are inherently criminal whereas every case of black crime adds to the impression that blacks are an inferior race.

  6. “Mike:
    I guess is that you have the attention span of a lightning bolt and are scared to admit it.”

    Gee and I thought you liked me?

  7. Carlyle,

    None of the above excuses Mr. Mcintyre hitting this woman. There is also something called male privilege in this society. Male violence against women is a world wide epidemic. I would suggest that Mr. Mcintyre does not understand the concept of male privilege. You can’t decry the discrimination that harms you while practicing in the discrimination that benefits you. You have to reject all of them.

  8. Professor Turley

    It appears that one can no longer subscribe to a comment threads by simply ticking the check box, one has to respond to an email that leads to a word Press logon screen. Is this intended behaviour or is it one of those modifications that webmasters spring on the unsuspecting?

  9. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

    As everyone knows this statement is absolutely true. A person who responds to mere words by getting physical is a loser and deserves to end up imprisoned, losing his job and paying out big compensation to the smart aleck who managed to find the right button to press to generate that wash of humiliation that comes when an enemy finds just that right cheap shot insult.

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

    As everyone who remembers what it was like to be at school can attest, this statement is concentrated bovine feces. Words can hurt and hurt and hurt badly. For any person who has not explicitly practiced controlling his/her response to insults there will exist insults that resonate with their past experience to generate a wave of abject humiliation of shame and perhaps of fear.

    Let us imagine that it is 1950, a man is in the street and sees someone whom he dislikes and whom he has icome to believe incorrectly to be Jewish and decides to insult him by yelling out “it is a pity that the Nazis did not gas you”. The target of the insult looks around bewildered but is not affected at all because he is not Jewish.

    Now let us alter the scenario a bit, imagine the target of the insult is actually Jewish and that all his immediate family disappeared in Nazi occupied Europe and he is the only one to survive but not until he experienced the beginnings of the exclusion of Jews from civil life that began when the Nazis gained power and that prompted him to leave. The same words would have an entirely different effect, they would provoke rage, outrage, humiliation and fear.

    Or let us consider the nooses hung in that tree in the high school in Jena LA after the argument about whether blacks could sit under the white tree. To the white students the nooses have no emotional resonances but to the black students they remind them of ancestors or predecessors lynched before lynching was stopped in the seventies. Some of them would feel actual fear and would interpret the nooses as a coded death threat.

    Do you see what I am getting at? When it comes to insults, a white person has a much bigger and varied arsenal to throw at blacks than blacks have with which they can respond. A white guy, a respectable resident of the genteel suburbs shouts “go to hell nigger” at a black guy from the ghetto, the black guy responds with “go to hell honkey” but it is a pathetically weak response. It is like comparing a pellet from an air pistol with a 16″ shell. For the black guy the N word has resonances in historical and personal experience, it reminds him of Jim Crow, of lynching, of army of occupation policing of the suburb where he lives of all his relatives and friends who are doing long sentences in prison for drug crimes. What does “honkey” mean to the white guy, it tells him that a black guy who almost certainly owns less property than he does, who earns less than he does and is likely to die earlier than he will dislikes him, but it causes no fear, no shame, no humiliation.

  10. Byron,

    MvW Mass? I’m thinking at about 2/3 mass for women they start having trouble. At about 1/2, it’s serious trouble. Truthfully this ratio is about right for both sexes. However, depending upon what martial art they study, women have an advantage with their legs because their center of gravity is lower than a man’s (due to differences in the pelvis). As a rule for both sexes, once you reach that 2/3 threshold it’s time to consider doing more damage faster (if left no other option) usually to soft targets like the groin or throat (always dangerous) but sometimes the goal against a larger opponent is simply to control a joint. Pain can be a wonderful motivator in getting an attacker to stop. A properly administered arm or wrist lock (there are several varieties) can make even the biggest of the bad call for momma. All of this assumes the person is normally susceptible to pain (either due to training, biology, willpower or drugs). However, technically speaking a 100# woman can kill a 300# man with one blow. It’s administering the blow that is the issue.

  11. clearly, the problem is that this happened in a bar.
    doesn’t this fall under the category of morons with enough money to get really loosened up…. as in just another bar fight?

  12. Really? Really?!!? There are actual adults (who can read, spell and form complete sentences) in America who are unaware of the overall power structure? BIL is right that the underlying issue is money and that poor “white” folks get screwed more that well-off “white” folks (spend some time in poor Appalachia and you’ll meet plenty of shafted poor “white” folks) – but when you compare the advantages and disadvantages for Americans of equal income/wealth, the “white” people benefit from more advantages than their economically equal “black” counterparts.

    Are there microcosms where “black” Americans give each other preferential hiring and promotions? Sure. But as a “white” American I’m better off (or we could say “privileged”) having access to the world of Wall Street, where billions and trillions of dollars are slung around among almost exclusively “white” and “asian” people than the opportunity to be a prison guard supervisor.

    This “John” genius is technically right that some “black” Americans benefit from limited preferences or short-term preferential treatment. But he’s blissfully missing the forest for the trees. On the whole, “white” people have advantage after advantage over “black” people from job hiring to interactions with police to getting a home or business loan to the reality that “it’s who you know” in business.

    This professed “obliviousness” to the reality of day-to-day racism in America is really on par with flat earthers. I sometimes forget how appalling and infuriating it can be to face this sort of self-serving ignorance-by-choice. (Yes, I’m implying that there’s a degree to which such claims are disingenuous.) This guy at Columbia is in no way justified in punching someone (particularly a woman), but it’s vaguely understandable that he could get that upset.

  13. Mike:

    I guess is that you have the attention span of a lightning bolt and are scared to admit it.

  14. “Gosh forbid a White individual organize a White History Month or a White Student Alliance. Oops, I apologize for not being politically correct. I should have written African American’s.”

    If in fact you are a Doctoral student, which is doubtful given your post, you are highly ignorant of US history. My guess is that you are anti-black and afraid to honestly admit it.

  15. This is an important statement from a rally on Obama’s economic policy:

    “This event is like a fire alarm, a rally against confusion, against delusion, against paralysis,” said Larry Holmes, of the Bail Out the People Movement. It is time for serious and sober activists to return to the basics of speaking Truth to Power. “A Black president is not a Black liberation movement, it is not a workers movement, nor is it a movement to end these racist wars.”

  16. Erykah:

    You are entitled to your opinion. I very much disagree with that, though. “White privileges” my behind. There is Black History Month, a Black Student Alliance, etc. Gosh forbid a White individual organize a White History Month or a White Student Alliance. Oops, I apologize for not being politically correct. I should have written African American’s.
    Where I go to school, the only individuals who get to stay in our doctoral program, those who make two or more C’s that is, are African American’s. I do not the specific reasons, but I can tell you this much, many of us (doctoral students and doctoral candidates) think that this is because “there are not enough African American professors.” It does not matter if they are smart. Do note that one of those, an African American female, personally told me that our University would never dismiss her (for grades) because she was an African American female. She has made three C’s. We (student’s in general) are allowed just one.

    So, as far as I am concerned, if there is such a thing as “White Privilege,” there most certainly is such a thing as “African American Privilege.”

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