O’Reilly: “We Can’t Kill All Of The Muslims So We Wanna Win As Many Hearts and Minds” As Possible

Bill O’Reilly made an extraordinary statement last night in addressing the difficult fact that “we can’t kill all the Muslims.” This follows an equally bizarre statement from his interviewee Fox News contributor Col. Ralph Peters that there are no Christian or Jewish terrorists.

Here is what O’Reilly said:

Barack Obama wants to win hearts and minds in the Middle East, in the Muslim world, which is a good thing and you know that. As a soldier, we can’t kill all the Muslims. So we wanna win as many hearts and minds of good moderate Muslims as we can. So he goes out of his way, you’re absolutely right, Colonel, he goes out of his way, to avoid the “Muslim terrorist” label, which clearly applies to Hasan.

Putting aside O’Reilly’s incredible statement, Peters also added to the interview with the question of where all the Christian terrorists are? He apparently was not alive when Timothy McVeigh destroyed the Oklahoma City Federal Building or the recent shootings in churches by Christian gunmen.

It must be wonderfully liberating to be able to speak without an sense of the need for historical or factual accuracy.

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  1. Gyges:

    Don’t apologize … I just happen to believe that it is ok to sacrifice our civil liberties for the greater good (generally speaking). Truth-be-told, I fear the police more than I fear the CIA.

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